Choose quality gear


What to wear on the mountain to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

The weather is constantly changing in the mountains. Therefore its is essential to kit yourself out in the right clothing each day. Wearing the wrong kit can lead to an early finish when conditions might be awesome.


Waterproof and breathable jackets and pants are super important.It is worth investing in quality. Anything above a 10,000mm will keep you dry.If your a rider who will be hiking and working the body, it is worth getting highly breathable items of clothing. If your budget allows I would look at a Gore-Tex jacket and pant combo. Check out the online Burton Snowboards shop for the biggest and best Outerwear range in the business.BURTON SHOP


Here you want to start with a quality base layer which will vary in how warm and breathable they are.Long sleeve top and bottoms. If you are someone who feels the cold then go for something a little thicker. Above the base layer you are looking for a fleece or down jacket. If the conditions are cold I would suggest a down jacket that really works well in keeping warmth next to the body. Always worth getting some nice snowboard socks. Gone are the days where these have to be super thick. Snowboard boots are well insulated so get a few pairs which are comfortable.


Cold hands equals bad day. Find something that is comfortable, functional and warm. I am big fan of mitts during the winter. They are more practical than gloves and feel great to wear. I also look for a more minimal style light glove for riding in the spring and summer time. Sometimes a glove that is less bulky feels a little better and has more style.

Check out Burton snowboards on our friends page for all your clothing needs Burton Snowboards


Summer 2014 - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Verbier is in the grip of a mixed summer with a fair bit of snow falling up top at the beginning of July. News is out that the four Valley's will be no more as of next winter. This means that the Verbier lift pass will allow you to get as far as Siviez. Not great news if you fancy doing the four valley challenge but still plenty of terrain to ride with in the new boundaries. The team have all grabbed some holiday time and are looking forward to winter number four for Vivid Snowboarding. The last three winters has seen Vivid grow into the best Snowboard School in Verbier and the number one choice for snowboarders coming into resort. Our winter will kick off in Saas Fee with our Vivid Snowboard Camp from 3rd- 7th November 2014 and will be focusing on technical riding , fitness for the up and coming winter and getting prepared for Snowboard specific exams.The idea is that you will hit the ground running when the lifts open in resort and you will refresh your own performance and give yourself some new ideas to think about for the winter. Please get in contact if you want more details: or 0041 792838735. Keep on the look out for Alpine Movement which is going to go live shortly. Its a specialist natural movement fitness boot camp which is new in Verbier. Its the perfect way to get the body conditioned for the coming winter. Clients are already booking up lessons for next winter so to avoid disappointment book your lessons early. We look forward to seeing you all again next winter VIVID SNOWBOARDING , A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL Team rider Richy enjoying some Verbier powder



Flatland tricks, jibbing and buttering has been around from the very beginning of our sport. Everyone has a little trick that they do on the home run or warm up for the day.

The fundamentals of jibbing are built around the ability to Ollie, nollie , press and rotate your board. It’s all about manipulating your equipment and getting to know and understand how you work your body with your board. The more practice you put into these tricks the more it will help with timing, movements, agility and skill in all your riding. It enables you to get to know how your board and how it behaves and is of course a lot of fun!

A good starting place or one of the first building blocks in a flat land progression would be to learn and become comfortable and confident with both the nose press and the tail press. The correct movement pattern can be learnt on the flat and then taken to a mellow slope and just add in a little speed.


PHASE 1 – Create pressure by shifting your weight to the nose of the board. Think about squashing your front leg with some flex in the ankle and knee , try to move your hip over the nose of the board and tense those muscles in the front leg . Here we are trying to find that pivot point where the nose has snow contact and the tail of the board is lifted into the air. It will help to straighten the back leg slightly.

PHASE2 – The choice of terrain is very important. Look for a gentle slope with a consistent gradient you don’t want to be picking up too much speed too quickly. By adding momentum , this can often help with being able to balance over a specific part of the board. Use the same process as in phase 1 so keep the front leg squashed and flexed at the ankle and knee and the hip over the nose of the board. The arms and upper body are used to help balance. Try and keep plenty of base contact and avoid slipping the board onto the edge.

PHASE 3 – Time to have a play with pressing the nose and tail, the beauty of these skills are that they are not hard to learn but it will take a little longer to master so practise is key to success. Think about trying to make movement patterns as fluid and smooth as possible . Simple exercises that you could add into these skills would be an Ollie to nose press or a Nollie to tail press.

The next phase would be to play around with more flatland variations. Both the nose and tail press are great tricks to take onto park boxes and rails as well as street features.



Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are constantly looking to progress both our clients freestyle riding as well as our own and therefore we spend plenty of time lapping the Verbier, Snowpark.( Below is the New Hip that has been built at the bottom of the park)Image

The Verbier Snowpark crew have been busy building some new features. There is now a blue line of boxes and rails , a red line of boxes and rails. A few fun rollers , blue and red kickers. With more snow forecast the park is only going to get better. For all your freestyle coaching needs get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding




11/01/2013 - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

It has been a busy week here in Verbier. All the Vivid snowboarding team have been on the mountain both instructing and getting some footage together. Check out our facebook page or you tube account for a little edit we put together from Monday

If you want to learn or add  new skills  to existing ones then please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering coaching on the mountain for seasonaires and locals alike through out the winter. Keep an eye on our facebook page for details on meeting points and type of session.

We could be offering anything from a freestyle session in the park to more technical riding on the piste. Vivid Snowboarding is the only independant Snowboard School in Verbier and we offer the highest quality instruction and coaching on the mountain. Please get in contact for more details on all our products


April showers - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Verbier is still getting plenty of snow as we move towards the end of the season. This week has seen some great conditions all over the mountain and Tuesday saw the vivid snowboarding team out shooting photos in the backcountry. Epic conditions were found up on stairway and the photos will be up on the site shortly. Keep looking at our blogs for information on coming camps and products for next winter. Vivid Snowboarding is a new breed of Snowboard school.


The Lac De Vaux area of Verbier is open and has been fairly busy over the weekend. Vivid Snowboarding have been representing on the mountain and have been focusing on getting those riding legs back as well as some specific training for the up and coming winter. The team seem to be super fit and excited to be part of a new breed of snowboard school in Verbier.
Bookings are beginning to roll in for the festive holiday time so get in touch if your after a session, Check out our product page for details and prices.
Snow is forecasted for the end of the week and the mountain staff are beginning to get other parts of the mountain prepped up and ready for winter.


Jackets have gone in to get tagged up in town and flyers are getting created back in Blighty. A trip over to Saas Fee or Les Diablerets for the first vivid photo shoot of the winter in planned for the next couple of days and the word is spreading in town of a new breed of snowboard school.