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Become a highly skilled Instructor with Vivid Snowboarding.

Why Vivid Snowboarding?

Quality assurance

Vivid Snowboarding provides the most authentic instructor training course on the market. Rob Norton, the founder of Vivid Snowboarding has 24 years of industry experience. Rob is a current BASI Snowboarder examiner and holds the top British, Swiss and French snowboard licenses. Having examined BASI instructors for the last 18 years he knows what ingredients are needed to become an awesome rider and instructor. Recently Chris Rowley has joined the BASI examining team and is now a full cert trainer. Chris has just finished filming his part in the Swiss snowboard film called ‘Bloom’ which will be dropping in the coming weeks. In short you will be learning from passionate trainers who will share their love of riding and teaching with you.

Unique Timescale

Our Autumn programme in Saas Fee will have you qualified and sending out your snowboard specific CV in time for all the schools hiring for the coming winter. We have been able to place successful trainees into snowboard schools across the globe. Our Verbier course gives you that full winter experience. We have designed the program in Verbier so everyone can stay on in the resort after the course has finished, this gives everyone that full season in the Swiss Alps experience. It’s truly awesome to go through from the beginning of the winter and roll into spring in Verbier.

Genuine Job Opportunity

We like to take an individual and personal approach to finding the right opportunities in the industry for each trainee. All too often we see other providers tick the box of guaranteeing jobs that then don’t materialise or exist. We have contacts across the globe in the industry and we take the time to sit down with each individual and tailor our recommendations and hookups to suit each persons aspirations and ambitions. We will give guidance and help everyone with some digital assets to beef up the snowboard instructor C.V. Of course, if we come across a very gifted instructor, we like to snap them up to come and work for Vivid Snowboarding!

“I have worked globally training and examining instructors, I really feel the Vivid Snowboarding product is 100% designed to grow your riding game while becoming an awesome instructor”

Rob Norton, Founder & Head Coach