The BASI snowboarding level one exam process could also be called the snowboard foundation course. This qualification sits at the very start of the BASI snowboarding exam pathway and will help you gain employment in snowdomes, dry slopes and possibly with some snow sport schools in a mountain environment. It will introduce you to the BASI snowboarding product, the terminology used and give you the ability to deliver lessons. Whatever standard your technical riding is at it will give you a makeover and something new to think about in your snowboarding approach.

The following areas are to be covered:
- Level one snowboard course which is a five day on snow exam.
- First-Aid Course
- Child protection module is an online course
- 35 hours Snowsports school experience

The technical riding criteria which will need to be performed consistently throughout the course:
- Perform cleanly all phases of the central theme (Central theme being the basic lesson progression from day one learner through to linking turns together)

- Demonstrate in both standard and switch
- Demonstrate effective and strong posture/balance.
- Nose and tail presses, ollies and nollies.
- Frontside and backside 180
- Cleanly carve the last two thirds of the turn on a green or easy blue piste.

35 hours snowboard school experience: this needs to be completed after your level 1 course.
- Can be looking at the day to day running of a snowsports school.
- Shadowing different style lessons and instructors on the mountain.
- How feedback is taken onboard and used to improve standards.

Once all these components are completed a level one snowboard license will be issued by BASI. This is the beginning of the instructing voyage. It could almost be looked at as an intensive snowboard lesson. It will increase your overall technical riding ability while giving you a broader knowledge. The level 2 is the next exciting step.



A promising start to December in Verbier with plenty of snow has been replaced with warm temperatures and only a dusting of new snow up top as Christmas day approaches.

The Alps are suffering from a slow start to the winter but Verbier does have a lot of runs open and they have been blowing snow hard as well as maintaining the pistes.

You can keep an eye on the conditions here WEATHER

We have a few new instructors on the full time team. Caspar Lett and Jan Schlimmer are the two new faces. We also have Domi Tta joining from 1st January 2016.

Check out our team members here TEAM

Vivid Snowboarding is proud to announce that it’s trainee instructor program is kicking off at the end of June 2016 in Cervinia, Italy. The course will run for 9 weeks over the summer and successful candidates will walk away with their BASI level one and two qualifications. Vivid Snowboarding will also be offering a job in Verbier for the winter 2016/17. The course time frame will enable people to find work in the northern hemisphere winter and beyond. Sign up today and receive a 5% discount which runs until 1st January 2016.

Casper riding the Verbier snowpark


Welcoming Casper to the team.

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We are Super stoked to be welcoming casper to the team. We can announce Casper Lett will be joining the Vivid Snowboarding team. He holds his top British snowboard qualification and is hungry to gain a foot hold into the Swiss qualification.

Check out Casper on our team profile page VIVID TEAM

Casper knows his way around any mountain. He has been traveling the globe following his passion for riding  and teaching. This has already taken him all around Europe, Japan and New Zealand. He found amazing powder snow in Japan which one day he intends to get back to.

Casper is an all mountain shredder and is as comfortable in the park as he is freeriding in the backcountry.

Casper also has a huge passion for shooting photos and film. He has launched a media company which allows him to film and document others. Casper is one of the leading guys in this industry. He can get to and film in some of the most remote areas on the mountain. If you are looking for an experience filmer to showcase your mountain experience then look no further.

Check out his new website here MOVEUMDEIA

Instructor training


Our instructor training course

The course could be described as intensive snowboard lesson. You will transform your technical game, you will learn how to become an inspirational instructor and take away some memories for life.

You will want to have around 6 – 10 weeks minimum on a board. However sometimes if your natural ability is exceptional strong then less might be sufficient. The initial part of the course will be taking your riding back to basics. Once these have been nailed you will have a solid foundation to build your riding around.

The course program is geared towards firstly being successful at the BASI level one then moving on to the level two exams. The timescale, location and time of year means it is suitable for a whole range of snowboarders.

Anyone is welcome we take people from 18 years old and upwards. I have during my 10 years examining all levels of instructors in the BASI snowboard system trained and examined riders who are still making turns and wanting to progress their skills in their 60’s. Its never too late to get involved in becoming a instructor, even if you are not going on to use the qualification to find work it will and I guarantee this will make your technical riding so much stronger.

School leavers, university students , career changers , avid snowboarders everyone is welcome – If you want to start your journey into a instructing career then there is no better startingplace.

You can check out all our instructor course here INSTRUCT




18-9-15-universityUniversity Holidays with Vivid

The timing of our trainee instructor program will enable students to get qualified during their summer holidays. The nine week course sits in the middle of the summer. A successful candidate can gain their BASI level one and two qualifications by the end of August. This could then be used for full time employment in any ski resort around the globe. It could also help gain part time work during holiday periods whilst you study in the UK. Come for the university holidays with Vivid.
There are numerous Snowsport schools in Europe that look for part time workers. For example, Interski who are based just down the road in Aosta are always taking on instructors on short term contracts during school holidays.

Check out Cervinia CERVINIA

From working in one of these jobs they are great experience, plus you get transport to the resort, food and accommodation included, then in addition you get paid to teach. So you end up gaining some cash, some valuable teaching hours and you get time to ride before and after your teaching hours (generally 10am to 3pm)
Alternatively Britain has a huge amount of Snowdomes and dry slopes which are always after qualified instructors. Demand for staff is generally in the evenings and at weekends. This can fit teaching and riding around your studying.
For the summer 2016 instructor training program Vivid Snowboarding will be offering a 5% discount for all NUS card holders. For further information please contact us at

Check out our options VIVID to enjoy the university holidays with Vivid

Become a instructor with Vivid


Launching in summer 2016 will be our 9 week instructor training course in Cervinia, Italy. Become a instructor with Vivid on the Cervinia/Zermatt glacier is the highest and largest in Europe. There is a great mix of terrain and an awesome Snowpark. Check out the resort here RESORT

We have purposely created a midsummer course so you can gain your BASI level one and level two before all the schools in the northern hemisphere start employing for the coming winter. By the beginning of September you will be sending off your job application forms.
Here at Vivid Snowboarding we have contacts all over the globe.

Our network includes:

  • West coast, East Coast and Colorado in America
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • All over Europe

We also have great contacts in the southern hemisphere.

Vivid Snowboarding is always on the lookout for new instructors in its home resort of Verbier. Check out the Vivid Snowboarding team here VIVID 

The team is made up of passionate and well qualified instructor. Everyone shares the same love for Snowboarding


If you fancy chatting about the course or anything to do with an option to become a instructor with Vivid don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. Rob – 0041 792838735


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Here we are using a mellow piece of terrain keeping our speed fairly moderate for the Nollie backside 180

The trick will be initiated with the head and shoulders combined with a smoothly timed nollie.

A Nollie is popping off the nose of the board rather than the Ollie which is off the tail.

The body and board will rotate backside 180 degrees and then will be put down as gently as possible

Think about landing right in the middle of the bolts of your board.

Keep riding away switch and get prepared for your next trick.

Vivid Snowboarding, A New Breed Of Snowboard School.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

You can check out more footage from Vivid Snowboarding on our social media channels VIVID

If you are wanting to raise your overall freestyle skills then why not join a camp FREESTYLE

Vivid Snowboarding camps are an awesome way to raise your overall riding and get more tricks in bag. The camps take place during the holiday season and you will meet other who are wanting  to progress.

If you are looking for more of a private session then why not take on of our specialist freestyle coaches for a morning, afternoon or full day session


New VividSnowboarding team member SAM BALDWIN ripping the park to pieces in Cervinia , Italy. It is awesome to welcome Sam to the Vivid Snowboarding team. He brings a wealth of experience to the Vivid crew. Sam has been improving his riding skills all around the alps in the last few winter. He has spent time in Chamonix, Val D'Isere and Hintertux.

Our new Vividsnowboarding team member Sam is an equally passionate freerider and park rider. When the conditions are on and the powder is deep, Sam can be found steep riding lines all around Verbier. He already as one eye on competing in the world Freeride tour. He has a smooth easy style and is always adding a little freestyle magic to his freeride lines.

Sam learnt to snowbaord on the icy mountains in Sweden,  this means the transition to riding easier conditions in the Alps has been easy.

Sam is beginning his journey through the instructor qualification system. He has already achieved a good pass on his level one and two exam and is now looking to complete his level 3 badge.

Check out all Vivid Snowboarding instructors here VIVID TEAM

Sam Balwin

Vivid Snowboarding is a New Breed of Snowboard School .



Trick Tip : Flatland tricks, jibbing and buttering has been around from the very beginning of our sport. Everyone has a little trick that they do on the home run or warm up for the day.

Check out some of the team enjoying flatland tricks here VIVID

The fundamentals of jibbing are built around the ability to Ollie, nollie , press and rotate your board. It’s all about manipulating your equipment and getting to know and understand how you work your body with your board. The more practice you put into these tricks the more it will help with timing, movements, agility and skill in all your riding. It enables you to get to know how your board and how it behaves and is of course a lot of fun!

A good starting place or one of the first building blocks in a flat land progression, would be to learn and become comfortable and confident with both the nose press and the tail press. The correct movement pattern can be learnt on the flat and then taken to a mellow slope and just add in a little speed.


PHASE 1 – Create pressure by shifting your weight to the nose of the board. Think about squashing your front leg with some flex in the ankle and knee , try to move your hip over the nose of the board and tense those muscles in the front leg . Here we are trying to find that pivot point where the nose has snow contact, the tail of the board is lifted into the air. It will help to straighten the back leg slightly.

PHASE2 – The choice of terrain is very important. Look for a gentle slope with a consistent gradient you don’t want to be picking up too much speed too quickly. By adding momentum , this can often help with being able to balance over a specific part of the board. Use the same process as in phase 1,  keep the front leg squashed and flexed at the ankle and knee and the hip over the nose of the board. The arms and upper body are used to help balance. Try and keep plenty of base contact and avoid slipping the board onto the edge.

PHASE 3 – Time to have a play with pressing the nose and tail, the beauty of these skills are that they are not hard to learn but it will take a little longer to master so practise is key to success. Think about trying to make movement patterns as fluid and smooth as possible . Simple exercises that you could add into these skills would be an Ollie to nose press or a Nollie to tail press.

The next phase would be to play around with more flatland variations. Both the nose and tail press are great tricks to take onto park boxes and rails as well as street features.

Come join a freestyle session FREESTYLE



One of the most underrated tricks in Snowboarding.  A very simple trick, done well it can show the true sign of a stylish, accomplished rider.

The basics of the trick are taking off regular and then landing switch, it will be one of the first rotations learnt but will take time, energy and love to perfect.

This trick can be learnt on  slope and then taken to the park or backcountry.

Once mastered , it’s is  great for testing that first rotation of a slightly bigger kicker or trying a spin in the backcountry.  The trick can be performed off the toe or heel edge.


Here you want to keep that central feel on your board, don’t allow the weight to be too over the front foot or be sitting back over the tail. Think a nice 50% on the front and 50% on the back foot.

Keep the upper body relaxed , aligned , strong core and the eyes focusing on the kicker. keep the ankles , knees and hips slightly flexed.


Here we are going to be timing our run in so we have rolled onto the heel edge at point of take off .

Hold the line off the kicker, pop and throw frontside  , don’t be too hasty and rotate too early. A frontside 180 is a small rotation  so you don’t need too throw the trick too hard on takeoff.  Remember to throw the head , shoulders, core at the same time , these movements want  to be smooth and blended together.


Stay relaxed and compact in the air . Push your knees out over your boots to create that all important triangle shape or cowboy stance with the lower half of the body. Try and make movements that are slow and stylish.

Grabs can add stability into any trick . The picture below shows the rider grabbing melon which helps with the rotation.


Keep your eye line watching the spot you want to land in. If you open the head up and keep looking around with the rotation then you will over rotate the trick. By locking the eye line on the spot you want to land then you will block the rotation and land on this spot.

Try and achieve that gentle and relaxed centred landing and ride away switch.

A great exercise in the park is to achieve all the four 180's off a kicker you feel comfortable with, enjoy.

Rob with Frontside 180 melon in Verbier park