Autumn 2022

Autumn Update 2022

Autumn Update 2022

After a long hot summer across the Alps, the weather has finally begun to feel a little more like Autumn. Endless sunny days have been replaced with rain and falling temperatures.

keep up to date with the weather forecast in Verbier here WEATHER

Snow has been seen above 2000m and glaciers across Europe are beginning to open. Here in Switzerland Saas Fee has opened its doors to the world renowned Stomping grounds camp. Glacier 3000 have set a start date of the 11th November.

Here are Vivid Snowboarding we are getting excited about the up and coming winter here in Verbier. After the success of our Instructor training course last winter we will agin be running another BASI level one and two course. This starts at the beginning of December and rolls through until mid February.

You can check out the course here INSTRUCTOR

We have a couple of spaces left so please get in contact if you are looking to spend a winter in Verbier and want to get qualified.

Vivid Snowboarding will be running a selection of camps and courses through out the winter season. You can check out all our camp options on our specific page CAMPS

Here is a look at the camps we will be running this winter

Winter opening camp : at the beginning of December. Our first freestyle camp will be between the 19th - 23rd December 2022. The Verbier Snow park will be building some exclusive early winter features for the camp

January traditionally sees the largest snowfalls across the Alps and our Freeride camps will begin once the Christmas and New Year period has finished.

We have camps running in January and February and we can custom design these for any groups.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anymore information on any of these products.






snowboard level one course

Snowboard Level One Course

Snowboard Level One Course.

Here at Vivid snowboarding we will be running a couple of BASI Snowboard level one course's this winter. Why not join us for some training sessions and learn how to not only master the basics but actually be able to teach friends, family and anyone who is keen to learn.

The snowboard level one course consists of a 5 day on snow exam, child protection in sport and leisure module, 35 hours Snowsports school experience and a 2 day first aid course.

Here is a list of Pre-requisites to join the course:

  • Be able to ride a slope with confidence being able to adapt and stay in control and balanced when conditions vary.
  • Be able to cruise down a red run with some style
  • Ride your board switch on mellow terrain
  • Create a carve with your board on an easy slope. Does not have to be perfect but you need to be able to find grip
  • Perform basic freestyle manoeuvres on flattish terrain. These should include the nose and tail press, ollies and nollies and frontside and backside 180's
  • Minimum of 16 years old.

Once you feel confident enough to step up to the exam it is a fun, progressive week of snowboarding. I can remember taking my level one back in the late 90's and gaining a lot in relation to slowing my riding down and actually thinking about how I stand on the board and how I actually steer the board. I felt the week was like an intensive and fun snowboard lesson which transformed my riding and knowledge.

Below is a list of some of the technical skills you will be assessed on:

  • Perform all phases of the central theme which is your basic lesson progression.
  • Show good posture and balance through out your riding.
  • Do this in regular and switch stance
  • Nose and tail press
  • Ollies and Nollies
  • Backside and frontside 180
  • Butter the board and link tricks
  • Cleanly carve the last two thirds of the turn on a green or easy blue

Have a good understanding of the central theme and be able to perform this. Always have good posture and balance through out. This leads into having an understanding and awareness beyond the central theme, particularly around piste performance.

A key skill of any instructor is being able to identify and evaluate major faults and provide effective feedback and inputs into the riding.

As an instructor we have to understand the learning process. We have to have a basic understanding of the TIED model ( Task, Information,  Evaluate and Develop)

You will need a basic understanding of the skill acquisition model which breaks down to awareness, practise and acquired levels. You will need to be aware of different teaching styles and goal setting skills.

When looking at how to deliver a session we focus a lot on safety. This is has to be present throughout a session. Think about group management and where best to stop and talk to a group. Always using the FIS regulation. Safety is everything!!

When delivering a session you have to make sure that everyone is involved. This is sometimes harder with a bigger group but Maximum class activity is essential. Always ask questions so the learner is gaining knowledge. Always be clear and concise with instructions.

Learning to give feedback is also very important. This has to be supportive and positive. Give feedback that relates to the task. Develop how the TIED model works.  Structure sessions so they flow and have a clear story line. A start, middle and end.

The key is to not get too lost with all the new words and terms. The key is to get out and enjoy the process of learning and how it will have such a positive impact on your riding level.

Vivid Snowboarding has a huge amount of experience in the instructor training world. You can check what we offer here VIVID





cold temperatures hit verbier


Cold Temperatures hit Verbier

A cold snap has hit the slopes of verbier these last few days.

The BASI level 2 that has been running in Verbier has seen -20 temperatures on Lac De veux early morning. The cold weather has meant the snow has been staying fresh all over the mountain and team have been out on the hill everyday. The cold weather is set to continue so wrap up warm when you are heading out for a shred.

Keep up to date with all weather conditions here WEATHER

Some instructor training work starts tomorrow and if you are keen for some BASI level 1 and 2 coaching please drop us a note here at vivid snowboarding. We are open 24 hours a day so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rob Norton has been a BASI Snowboard trainer for the last 6 years so you will be learning from the very best around. He has delivered the BASI Snowboard product all over the world running courses in Europe, South America, Japan and New Zealand. Check out his profile on our team page ROB

The Verbier snowpark is in great condition as the winter progresses. The crew have done an awesome job this year.