The BASI Snowboard Qualification.

The BASI Snowboard Qualification is one of the most respected in the industry. The qualification pathway or system has 4 levels.

The BASI Snowboard Qualification:

Level one:

  • Snowboard level 1 course which is five days on snow
  • Child protection module
  • 35 hours Snowsport school experience
  • First-Aid course

Level two:

  • Snowboard level 2 course which is 10 days on snow
  • 35 hours Snowsport School experience

Level 3:

  • Snowboard level 3 teaching course which is five days
  • Snowboard level 3 technical course which is five days
  • Second discipline level 1 course which is five days
  • Level 3 mountain safety course which is a total of six days on the mountain
  • Second language test
  • BASI Coaching course which is five days.
  • Written project on a chosen subject area.
  • Interview with BASI

At level 3 and level 2 there is also the option to take part in optional technical training that can understand the technical requirements and improve overall skills.

Level 4:

  • Level 4 EMS Training course ( 4 days )
  • 6 logged days touring
  • level 4 EMS Assessment course ( 3 days )
  • BASI coaching course ( 5 days )
  • FIS competition

The training for each level can be done with us here at Vivid Snowboarding BASI

All our coaches have their level 4 qualification and we have a current BASI trainer who delivers the exams. All have a huge knowledge of the product which enables us to teach and coach the ins and outs of what is required at each level. Having worked closely with BASI Snowboarding for the last 16 years around the world we've managed to network and produce great contacts for employment for some of our clients.

Check out our Autumn instructor training camp home in Saas Fee

For more information on BASI Snowboarding please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Rome Reverb 158


Rome Reverb 158 is a great all mountain machine. Handles like a dream in powder. Twin tip, traditional camber shape gives it a lively, poppy feel off kickers. It would be an ideal one stick for everything rather than specialising to a specific park or backcountry board. It weighs in with a nice price tag so could be a great weapon of choice for the coming winter.

The Rome reverb 158 is amazing in the park and powder. It almost feels like you are riding a directional shape board when riding off-piste. The flex pattern feels awesome . Not too soft but not too stiff. This camber board sits nicely in the middle.

Check out what all the team are riding here TEAM

If you are looking for any advice on equipment don't hesitate to get in touch. Their are so many good products on the market its hard sometimes to choose the best gear. Here at Vivid from all our years experience we can help steer you in the right direction. We would definitely advise getting the Rome reverb 158

Look out for more product reviews coming for Vivid through out the coming months. As instructor we are constantly using new kit so we need the very best out there.

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Jimbo pre winter in Saas Fee

Perched high in the Valais region of the Swiss alps , Saas Fee has become synonymous with summer riding and great pre season shredding.

The mountain rises to the dizzy heights of 3600m allowing for great conditions throughout the year. The glacier only closes at the end of the winter to allow for preparation for the coming summer. There are 18 peaks surrounding Saas Fee which are above 4000m and the glacier has one of the best Snow parks which offers great riding in the summer months.

I am currently over in Saas Fee running a BASI level 2 exam. Conditions have been similar to last winter with over 220cm already up top and cold temperatures keeping things fresh and exciting.

It is half way through the exam which is assessed on technical riding, teaching ability alongside professionalism and all the attributes needed to be a safe, confident instructor. The major step up from the BASI level one exam is that you will leave being able to teach all levels of rider and your technical riding will be analysed in a variety of different terrain types from off-piste to steeps and freestyle.

Here is the freestyle criteria

-Flatland tricks which will involve ollies and nollies, looking at all the 180 variations and being able to press and butter the board
-Basic kicker riding which will be hitting a blue jump performing a straight air with simple grab
-Sliding a box 50-50

From being a BASI examiner for the last 8 winter I think it’s a great product which in turn produces great instructors. The examination process is geared towards producing instructors for the industry but I do feel it goes a long way in being an intensive snowboarder improver course which will step your riding up a gear. Snowboarding like any other sport is most rewarding when you feel yourself progressing.

If you feel that you are interested in becoming an instructor or would purely like to raise your game on the mountain then please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.

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snowboard instructor training


Instructor training

Vivid Snowboarding is already planning the very highest quality instructor training programme for next winter. We are hoping to create an academy style product looking to qualify up and coming instructors into the BASI snowboard system. Check out the basi snowboarding pathway here BASI

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering coaching and guidance through the BASI level 1 and 2 snowboard exam process. Check out our instructor training here VIVID

BASI snowboarding has 4 levels of qualification. The level one is five days. Level two is ten. Vivid Snowboarding will also be offering coaching for the level 3 qualification. The technical level 3 is the hardest part of the basi snowboarding product. Each rider will have to perform at or above the technical criteria.

The level 3 park criteria is as follows:

  • Flatland - Skills (including switch) involving presses, ollies/nollies, BS/FS 180 + combining tricks
  • Kickers (+8 Metre) - Perform straight airs with at least 2 grab variations, both BS/FS 180s + a 360
  • Box features (straight) - Perform Nose and Tail Presses and both FS and BS Boardslides
  • Pipe– Riding the walls and taking air at the coping


Keep up to date with us on our blogs and on facebook and we will give you more information soon on what will be the very best snowboard instructor training programme in Europe.


Conditions on the mountain have been given a boost this week with a good fall of snow on wednesday. The snow park is in great shape with around 14 kickers and 12 jib features to choose from. All the team have been out coaching and instructing and our new trainee instructor programme is underway where we are gearing up a group for there BASI snowboard level one exam at the end of the winter.

Vivid Snowboarding in Verbier


Instructor Training Program

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering up and coming instructors the opportunity for focused training before BASI snowboarding exams. Rob Norton has been a trainer and examiner for the last six years and has delivered and examined programmes in NZ , Europe , Argentina and Japan.

This wealth of experience combined with a passion for developing riders brings a new product which can help you through the qualification process. This is not your typical trainee instructor programme where you are offered the whole package of accommodation, food etc

We give you the responsibility to manage your time off the mountain and then we train you into be an awesome instructor on the hill

We are offering the bare essential coaching on the mountain. We will also allow you to shadow snowboard school lessons as well as take part in our in house instructor development programme. We feel this product will put you in a great position to tackle your exams and gain that next level qualification.

All our on mountain training sessions will be directly looking at the BASI snowboarding content.

Check out the Instructor Training  program here VIVID

For more information please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.

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