Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are constantly looking to progress both our clients freestyle riding as well as our own and therefore we spend plenty of time lapping the Verbier, Snowpark.( Below is the New Hip that has been built at the bottom of the park)Image

The Verbier Snowpark crew have been busy building some new features. There is now a blue line of boxes and rails , a red line of boxes and rails. A few fun rollers , blue and red kickers. They have also created a spin jump at the bottom of the park. With more snow forecast the park is only going to get better. For all your freestyle coaching needs get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding

Come take a freestyle session in the snowpark with one of our team TEAM

All the crew have been riding the park here in Verbier for a while. We all know the lines to take and that all important speed to hit each feature. Why not join one of us

Conditions are looking great over the next few days with more snow is rolling in. The more snow that accumulates in the park the better the features will be.

The Verbier snowpark has a passionate team of park shapers. The team are dedicated to making the Verbier park one of the Best in Europe.

Each winter the crew create something different for all levels of rider. come and experience the Verbier park for yourself.