Warm up Session

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we take our riding seriously and therefore before any slidding happens we get warmed up properly.

The duration of a warm up should last anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Dynamic movements and activities are preferred over static stretching. Post riding time stretches should be more static looking at both developmental and maintance style stretches.

The two major reasons for a warm up session before riding time is to increase our heart rate and allow the muscles to warm before exercising hence lowering the risk of injury.

After a good warm up session off the board its worth taking a few runs on your board . Often individuals will have their own system or routine. Popping ollies and nollies is a good way to get the leg muscles working. Its also woth playing around with popping off both feet and landing centered as well as playing around with rotational movements and riding switch. If you are on a mountain that you know ,it might be a specific run with some interesting features that helps you get into the day.

Warm up runs may vary depending on the type of day that is occuring on the mountain. If for example your heading to the snowpark then the warm up will be specific to freestyle riding. However if the day has a more backcountry flavour to it then a run through the  chopped up variables might be on the menu.

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Whatever kind of riding day you are planning on the mountain come and take a session with Vivid Snowboarding , a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier, Switzerland.

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