Vivid Snowboarding Trick tip : Indy Grab

The indy grab is a basic snowboard trick  where you are grabbing your toe edge with your back hand in between your bindings. Important to note that the grab is not behind the back foot as this would be a ‘tindy’ and we don’t  want to go down that path.

This trick can  be performed off kickers, cliffs , cat tracks and  any natural  feature that you can give you air time.

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are going to run through a park version but really the technique will apply for any feature you are hitting

Before attempting the indy grab feel confident in cleanly popping and getting some air time. The grab itself will often give you extra stability in the air.



On the run in to the kicker feel relaxed and centred on your board. Keep the ankles, knees and hips slightly flexed , engage the core , keep the upper body soft and aligned with your board and keep your eyes focused on take off.

Phase 2= TAKE OFF

The important part of this phase is to pop off the kicker. This movement will give you balance and that solid feeling while in the flight stage. NO POP= NO BALANCE.  If you just ride off the end of the kicker you will not  have a clean jump.  This trick is easiest taking off a flat base or slightly gripping on the toe edge.  Feel your big toes against your toe edge.

Phase 3= AIR TIME

It’s important  here to bring your knees to nipples and stay compact in the air, push your knees out over your feet to create that triangle or house shape beneath you. At this stage you will be looking to grab your toe edge with your back hand in between the bindings.  Hold the grab for as long a possible.

Phase 4= LANDING

This is another important moment in the process. Once you see the landing  begin to put your legs underneath you and get ready for impact. Try and focus on putting your board down centred almost think about landing softly on the bolts of your board.

Once you feel comfortable grabbing indy you can now begin to style out your trick adding a poke or a nosebone  for extra points.



For Freestyle coaching please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL IN VERBIER.

Mid June catch up


MID JUNE - Vivid Snowboarding

Mid  June and the summer has arrived and already bookings are coming in for next winter. Vivid Snowboarding team are spread out across Europe. Mr Crimp is in Camden town spending much of his time down the gym working on his guns. Richy is working in Amsterdam . Oscar is in Ibiza and Craigo is recovering from his Knee surgery back in Verbier, hope its a speedy one!

Check out all team profiles here on our site VIVID

As you can see all the crew are keeping active over the summer months. We are all already excited about getting back onto the mountain this coming winter.  We hope to be running some instructor training product in the Autumn in Saas Fee or Zermatt. Again keep looking out for more information on our social media platforms and on our website.

If you are looking to get more involved in the industry then why not come join one of our courses.

Vivid snowboarding will again be wearing Analog outerwear and things are in the pipeline for a new eyewear sponsor as well as a new street wear sponsor for off hill time. Analog make some awesome snowboarding cloths. it is part of the Burton snowboards, Check out all their range here BURTON



Yesterday was an epic day on the mountain. Vivid snowboarding was out with the photographer Philip Field doing some shots with clothing sponsor Bella seel who sources us headwear, hoodies and neckwear. We started the morning with backcountry photos and began hiking along cat walk then into turtle. Some good powder was to be found and we managed a few powder shots as well as some spinning action of a few cliffs. After lunch we headed down to the park for some kicker and rail shots before heading back to Verbier. A great day all round. A huge thanks to Phil for the photos, check out Facebook for a few of the snaps and there will be more up on the picture gallery soon


Conditions on the mountain have been given a boost this week with a good fall of snow on wednesday. The snow park is in great shape with around 14 kickers and 12 jib features to choose from. All the team have been out coaching and instructing and our new trainee instructor programme is underway where we are gearing up a group for there BASI snowboard level one exam at the end of the winter.


The huge cold snap that has hit Europe has meant freezing conditions on the mountain. The BASI level 2 that has been running in Verbier has seen -20 temperatures on Lac De veux early morning. The cold weather has meant the snow has been staying fresh all over the mountain and team have been out on the hill everyday. Some instructor training work starts tomorrow and if you are keen for some BASI level 1 and 2 coaching please drop us a note here at vivid snowboarding.


A BASI level 2 snowboard exam is running here in Verbier, Switzerland. The exam is the follow on from the level one exam which is the entry level snowboard exam for instructors and is generally used to teach in snow domes and dry slopes. The level two qualification is generally looked at as an outdoor qualification and students will have to ride in all the five strands( piste performance, steeps riding, freestyle , off piste and the bumps) as well as being able to demonstrate perfectly the central theme which is the basic lesson progression.
The students have to be able to match up to the marking criteria both in their technical performance and in their teaching skills. They are also assessed on numerous other areas like professionalism and performance analysis for example.
A general day will consist of five hours on the mountain followed by another two hours max in the classroom. Each student works through a study book which is a very useful tool for when they go out and teach in the industry. The level two qualification is recognised throughout the world and I’ve worked with students who have now worked in Japan, Argentina , Chile , USA , Canada, NZ, OZ , Russia and Europe. It’s the best way of getting started in the snowboard instructing industry and is a great stepping stone to stepping up to the higher level 3 and level 4 exams.

If you are interested in working your way through Basi or any snowboard exams right from level 1 to level 4, please get in contact with us for some coaching from the highest level instructors in the business here at vivid snowboarding


Vivid snowboarding has been super busy over the last week with all the team teaching and coaching various different groups out from the UK. Well done to Spencer and the girls from Lillywhites who all made some great progression in the three days they spent on the mountain.

The Mont Gele lift has a broken cable which has meant the mountain has not been as tracked as usual. The ridge line hike from the top of Lac Des Vaux 3 takes around 50 minutes which is well worth the walk up.

The park is beginning to look even better with yet more kickers and rail features. There will be a new boarder cross course opening soon.

For any freestyle coaching please get in touch with us here at vivid snowboarding, the only independant Snowboard school in Verbier


Epic conditions on the mountain today ment some great riding in the trees above Verbier. For off piste coaching and backcountry adventures check out our product page. Here at vivid snowboarding we offer the very best snowboard coaching and instructing in Verbier


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Andermatt/Leysin/Verbier 06.01. - 15.01.2012

Andermatt, Leysin, Verbier -

von Robert Gaus

1st stop: Andermatt, 2nd stop Leysin, 3rd stop Verbier

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Nachricht von Robert Gaus:

Hi Rob,

within this link / album I have enclosed all the pictures I have taken from the trip on Friday.
Thank you very much again and it has been the greatest day in snowboarding for me so far! Thanks!
I guess I am coming back for more:)

Thanks and all the best to you!


PS.: if you wish a higher resolution of the pictures, just let me know.

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The snowpark in Verbier is beginning to take shape . There is a spine jump at the bottom of the park with three further red kickers and three blue kickers. The shape of the smaller kickers are good and they also have rollers for people who are getting into the park for the first time. The park team are also getting the air bag at the bottom of the park ready. This is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn some inverted tricks. Still always check your run in as you don’t want to be over shooting this feature! They have a few boxes in position a wide flat box, a small rainbow box and another flat box. No big air kicker in place yet but it should be built fairly soon. If you fancy getting into the park for the first time or want to improve on your freestyle skills come and take a session with one of our vivid snowboarding coaches.