Le Chable by winter

Spot Check: LE CHABLE

Spot Check: LE CHABLE

Le Chable is fast becoming the centre piece of the Val des Bagnes. Verbier sits on one side and the mountains of Bruson the other. The town of Le Chable has under gone changes in the last few years and more plans are a foot to develop the village more. The modernisation of the Le Chable train and lift station has lead to faster access to both Verbier and Bruson.

Travel links into Val des Bagnes have centred around the development of the new train station. This allows more weekend traffic to flow into the mountains to enjoy some of the very best snowboarding terrain in the world. If you are after weekend sessions on the mountain then check out your options here https://vividsnowboarding.com/verbier-snowboard-school-products/

The Le Chable to Verbier lift is due to stay open year round from November 2021 from early in the morning until late at night. This means that accommodation options in Le Chable become attractive to everyone. The lift time to Medran in Verbier is only ten minutes so from the valley floor to Ruinettes you are looking at about 20 minutes.

During mid winter when the snow lies on the valley floor there are off-piste routes that meander down from the Verbier side. ( only go with a guide or someone with local knowledge as many routes are littered with hazards). On the Bruson side of the mountain there is an itinerary run that flows back into Le Chable.

Le Chable has a great selection of Hotels, restaurants and bars. One of our top choice accommodation options to stay at would be Una lodge. Please check it out here UNA

For any more information on Le Chable please get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.


Snowboard Instructor Program

Snowboard Instructor Program.

Vivid Snowboarding will again be offering the very best snowboard instructor program starting 29/11/2021 and running through to 04/02/2022. The 10 weeks course will have you qualified with both the BASI level one and two qualifications. The course itself does also have the option to add the BASI performance coach course module onto the schedule.

Check out our course page here VIVID

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we offer various options within the snowboard instructor program.  The full package will include accommodation and food. We have also added an option where the individual can pay for just the training and exams and the rest is up to you. We have plenty of accommodation contacts within in the area.

The snowboard instructor program has plenty of highlights. The Heli adventure at the end of the program is always a favourite as well as finishing the level 2 exam and gaining the qualification. We coach you to teach and ride with style in some of the very best mountains in the world. The high altitude nature of the mountains around Verbier means that snow is guaranteed from the late Autumn through until late spring. Verbier really is one of the very best snowboarding resorts in the world. The quality of the mountains combined with an awesome night life makes it an amazing location to become a snowboard instructor.

Have a look at the verbier website here Verbier

For more information on any of our courses, camps or sessions. Please get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. We look forward to hearing from you soon

Vivid Snowboarding Summer Session

Vivid Snowboarding Summer Session

Vivid Snowboarding Summer Session

Vivid Snowboarding will be hosting its annual summer session in Cervinia, Italy in August 2021. The resort of Cervinia is high up in the Aosta valley in the Italian Alps allowing for summer riding to take place on the Zermatt / Cervinia glacier.  Plenty of terrain for all styles of riding and the snow park is the best in Europe at this time of year.

We usually get onto the lifts for the mountain around 8am and ride through until around 2pm when the mountain closes. Conditions usually soften as the day progresses. Park laps become super progressive for ones riding. The short lift and rapid lap means maximum time riding your board in the park.

Once off the mountain you can enjoy some down time in the afternoon or there are plenty of summer activities and sports to get involved with. Check out a few of the summer activities here:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • swimming
  • Trail running
  • Chilling

You can check out more on what's on offer via the tourist office CERVINIA

The hotel we stay in is the Petit Palais. The hotel is two minutes from the main lift and a short walk into town for bars and restaurants. Every night we venture into town for a bite to eat before heading to bed and getting rested for more riding.

Check out our summer camp page here for more details SUMMER

Book your place today, we look forward to hearing from you.


Heli riding around Verbier

Heli snowboarding around Verbier

Heli snowboarding around Verbier and the surroundings mountains is awesome. There are different drops and routes for every level of rider.  Once you've managed the basics of off-piste riding, heli snowboarding is on! The Heli snowboarding around Verbier happens on the some of the following mountains:

  • Petite Combin 3663m
  • Pigne D'Arolla 3796m
  • RoseBlanche 3336m
  • Col des Plines 3330m

Your mountain guide will hunt out the best snow and terrain on the day. If it has not snowed for a few days and you are wanting to find fresh you still find awesome snow and conditions with a helicopter.  A day out with in the Heli guarantees good snow and will be a day you remember for a lifetime. A lot of the terrain is mellow enough for intermediate riders and above.

Vivid Snowboarding also offers a Heli snowboarding experience just over the Italian border in Ollomont. For more details on these trips please get in contact.

You can keep an eye out on snow conditions through snow-forecast WEATHER

Your Vivid Snowboarding instructor will be on hand to teach and coach you through the day. Our role is to help improve your off-piste riding. We will build your confidence and make you feel 100% comfortable with your environment.

You can check Heli snowboarding around Verbier options OPTIONS


Vivid Snowboarding Trick tip : Indy Grab

The indy grab is a basic snowboard trick  where you are grabbing your toe edge with your back hand in between your bindings. Important to note that the grab is not behind the back foot as this would be a ‘tindy’ and we don’t  want to go down that path.

This trick can  be performed off kickers, cliffs , cat tracks and  any natural  feature that you can give you air time.

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are going to run through a park version but really the technique will apply for any feature you are hitting

Before attempting the indy grab feel confident in cleanly popping and getting some air time. The grab itself will often give you extra stability in the air.



On the run in to the kicker feel relaxed and centred on your board. Keep the ankles, knees and hips slightly flexed , engage the core , keep the upper body soft and aligned with your board and keep your eyes focused on take off.

Phase 2= TAKE OFF

The important part of this phase is to pop off the kicker. This movement will give you balance and that solid feeling while in the flight stage. NO POP= NO BALANCE.  If you just ride off the end of the kicker you will not  have a clean jump.  This trick is easiest taking off a flat base or slightly gripping on the toe edge.  Feel your big toes against your toe edge.

Phase 3= AIR TIME

It’s important  here to bring your knees to nipples and stay compact in the air, push your knees out over your feet to create that triangle or house shape beneath you. At this stage you will be looking to grab your toe edge with your back hand in between the bindings.  Hold the grab for as long a possible.

Phase 4= LANDING

This is another important moment in the process. Once you see the landing  begin to put your legs underneath you and get ready for impact. Try and focus on putting your board down centred almost think about landing softly on the bolts of your board.

Once you feel comfortable grabbing indy you can now begin to style out your trick adding a poke or a nosebone  for extra points.



For Freestyle coaching please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL IN VERBIER.

Mid June catch up


MID JUNE - Vivid Snowboarding

Mid  June and the summer has arrived and already bookings are coming in for next winter. Vivid Snowboarding team are spread out across Europe. Mr Crimp is in Camden town spending much of his time down the gym working on his guns. Richy is working in Amsterdam . Oscar is in Ibiza and Craigo is recovering from his Knee surgery back in Verbier, hope its a speedy one!

Check out all team profiles here on our site VIVID

As you can see all the crew are keeping active over the summer months. We are all already excited about getting back onto the mountain this coming winter.  We hope to be running some instructor training product in the Autumn in Saas Fee or Zermatt. Again keep looking out for more information on our social media platforms and on our website.

If you are looking to get more involved in the industry then why not come join one of our courses.

Vivid snowboarding will again be wearing Analog outerwear and things are in the pipeline for a new eyewear sponsor as well as a new street wear sponsor for off hill time. Analog make some awesome snowboarding cloths. it is part of the Burton snowboards, Check out all their range here BURTON



Yesterday was an epic day on the mountain. Vivid snowboarding was out with the photographer Philip Field doing some shots with clothing sponsor Bella seel who sources us headwear, hoodies and neckwear. We started the morning with backcountry photos and began hiking along cat walk then into turtle. Some good powder was to be found and we managed a few powder shots as well as some spinning action of a few cliffs. After lunch we headed down to the park for some kicker and rail shots before heading back to Verbier. A great day all round. A huge thanks to Phil for the photos, check out Facebook for a few of the snaps and there will be more up on the picture gallery soon


Conditions on the mountain have been given a boost this week with a good fall of snow on wednesday. The snow park is in great shape with around 14 kickers and 12 jib features to choose from. All the team have been out coaching and instructing and our new trainee instructor programme is underway where we are gearing up a group for there BASI snowboard level one exam at the end of the winter.

cold temperatures hit verbier


Cold Temperatures hit Verbier

A cold snap has hit the slopes of verbier these last few days.

The BASI level 2 that has been running in Verbier has seen -20 temperatures on Lac De veux early morning. The cold weather has meant the snow has been staying fresh all over the mountain and team have been out on the hill everyday. The cold weather is set to continue so wrap up warm when you are heading out for a shred.

Keep up to date with all weather conditions here WEATHER

Some instructor training work starts tomorrow and if you are keen for some BASI level 1 and 2 coaching please drop us a note here at vivid snowboarding. We are open 24 hours a day so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rob Norton has been a BASI Snowboard trainer for the last 6 years so you will be learning from the very best around. He has delivered the BASI Snowboard product all over the world running courses in Europe, South America, Japan and New Zealand. Check out his profile on our team page ROB

The Verbier snowpark is in great condition as the winter progresses. The crew have done an awesome job this year.



A BASI level 2 snowboard exam is running here in Verbier, Switzerland. The exam is the follow on from the level one exam which is the entry level snowboard exam for instructors and is generally used to teach in snow domes and dry slopes. The level two qualification is generally looked at as an outdoor qualification and students will have to ride in all the five strands( piste performance, steeps riding, freestyle , off piste and the bumps) as well as being able to demonstrate perfectly the central theme which is the basic lesson progression.
The students have to be able to match up to the marking criteria both in their technical performance and in their teaching skills. They are also assessed on numerous other areas like professionalism and performance analysis for example.
A general day will consist of five hours on the mountain followed by another two hours max in the classroom. Each student works through a study book which is a very useful tool for when they go out and teach in the industry. The level two qualification is recognised throughout the world and I’ve worked with students who have now worked in Japan, Argentina , Chile , USA , Canada, NZ, OZ , Russia and Europe. It’s the best way of getting started in the snowboard instructing industry and is a great stepping stone to stepping up to the higher level 3 and level 4 exams.

If you are interested in working your way through Basi or any snowboard exams right from level 1 to level 4, please get in contact with us for some coaching from the highest level instructors in the business here at vivid snowboarding