Early Winter in Verbier

Vivid Snowboarding Season Opening

Vivid Snowboarding season opening  camp early December in Verbier. Our long weekend kicks off on 2nd December and runs until 4th December 2017. The aim of the camp is to get your technical game on point and give the riding the once over before the winter kicks off in full. The price of the camp is 400CHF and includes 3 full days of coaching.  https://vividsnowboarding.com/camps/

We are not including accommodation in our Vivid Snowboarding season opening camp but can help arrange hostels, chalets and hotels depending on your budget and taste. Here is a list of all accommodation options we offer at Vivid Snowboarding OPTIONS

Verbier has a great early season snow record. Much of the terrain is above 2500m and holds early season snow fall very well. The mountain staff also do an amazing job of preparing the artificial snow that is blown onto the hill. Verbier as a resort has amazing snow making capability allowing the resort to have one of the most snow sure records in the Alps. Every year the mountain invests in new now making guns to help keep this record. You can keep an eye on the early season snow fall via the following link CONDITIONS

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more details , we look forward to hearing from you soon








ISTA - International Snow Training Academy Discovery Course

ISTA - International snow training academy discovery course will be happening this winter in Verbier. Come and get qualified and educated in the backcountry with Vivid Snowboarding. Our awesome day discovery course will teach you basic risk prevention when riding off-piste. You will be given all the tools to stay safe in the backcountry, education and knowledge are everything.  

The course is structured and designed around a typical day in the mountains. From meet and greet to the days end. The whole day is a combination of theory and enjoyable practical workshops.

These will take the form of learning the ISTA method, Risk assessment, identification and travel on safe terrain. We learn how to manage a crisis situation/search for avalanche burial victims.

In signing up for the qualification you receive a training kit which consists of the following material:

-          Training course book

-          Protective waterproof casing for when out in the mountains.

-          An avalanche emergency procedure.

-          ISTA Discovery badge and certificate on successful completion of the course.


Check out ISTA on our camps page 


The International Snow Training Academy Discovery Course

The cost of the International snow training academy discovery course is 240 CHF. Please get in contact for more details. There is an option to stretch the course out over two days. This would mean more riding time for all. The growth of snowboarding globally has meant we are have to look  further for untouched powder fields. We all have to take responsibility for assessing the dangers that come with that. The International Snow training academy course Discovery will give you knowledge and confidence to ride safely all over the mountain. 



The BASI snowboarding level one exam process could also be called the snowboard foundation course. This qualification sits at the very start of the BASI snowboarding exam pathway and will help you gain employment in snowdomes, dry slopes and possibly with some snow sport schools in a mountain environment. It will introduce you to the BASI snowboarding product, the terminology used and give you the ability to deliver lessons. Whatever standard your technical riding is at it will give you a makeover and something new to think about in your snowboarding approach.

The following areas are to be covered:
- Level one snowboard course which is a five day on snow exam.
- First-Aid Course
- Child protection module is an online course
- 35 hours Snowsports school experience

The technical riding criteria which will need to be performed consistently throughout the course:
- Perform cleanly all phases of the central theme (Central theme being the basic lesson progression from day one learner through to linking turns together)

- Demonstrate in both standard and switch
- Demonstrate effective and strong posture/balance.
- Nose and tail presses, ollies and nollies.
- Frontside and backside 180
- Cleanly carve the last two thirds of the turn on a green or easy blue piste.

35 hours snowboard school experience: this needs to be completed after your level 1 course.
- Can be looking at the day to day running of a snowsports school.
- Shadowing different style lessons and instructors on the mountain.
- How feedback is taken onboard and used to improve standards.

Once all these components are completed a level one snowboard license will be issued by BASI. This is the beginning of the instructing voyage. It could almost be looked at as an intensive snowboard lesson. It will increase your overall technical riding ability while giving you a broader knowledge. The level 2 is the next exciting step.

Instructor training


Our instructor training course

The course could be described as intensive snowboard lesson. You will transform your technical game, you will learn how to become an inspirational instructor and take away some memories for life.

You will want to have around 6 – 10 weeks minimum on a board. However sometimes if your natural ability is exceptional strong then less might be sufficient. The initial part of the course will be taking your riding back to basics. Once these have been nailed you will have a solid foundation to build your riding around.

The course program is geared towards firstly being successful at the BASI level one then moving on to the level two exams. The timescale, location and time of year means it is suitable for a whole range of snowboarders.

Anyone is welcome we take people from 18 years old and upwards. I have during my 10 years examining all levels of instructors in the BASI snowboard system trained and examined riders who are still making turns and wanting to progress their skills in their 60’s. Its never too late to get involved in becoming a instructor, even if you are not going on to use the qualification to find work it will and I guarantee this will make your technical riding so much stronger.

School leavers, university students , career changers , avid snowboarders everyone is welcome – If you want to start your journey into a instructing career then there is no better startingplace.

You can check out all our instructor course here INSTRUCT




18-9-15-universityUniversity Holidays with Vivid

The timing of our trainee instructor program will enable students to get qualified during their summer holidays. The nine week course sits in the middle of the summer. A successful candidate can gain their BASI level one and two qualifications by the end of August. This could then be used for full time employment in any ski resort around the globe. It could also help gain part time work during holiday periods whilst you study in the UK. Come for the university holidays with Vivid.
There are numerous Snowsport schools in Europe that look for part time workers. For example, Interski who are based just down the road in Aosta are always taking on instructors on short term contracts during school holidays.

Check out Cervinia CERVINIA

From working in one of these jobs they are great experience, plus you get transport to the resort, food and accommodation included, then in addition you get paid to teach. So you end up gaining some cash, some valuable teaching hours and you get time to ride before and after your teaching hours (generally 10am to 3pm)
Alternatively Britain has a huge amount of Snowdomes and dry slopes which are always after qualified instructors. Demand for staff is generally in the evenings and at weekends. This can fit teaching and riding around your studying.
For the summer 2016 instructor training program Vivid Snowboarding will be offering a 5% discount for all NUS card holders. For further information please contact us at vividsnowboarding@gmail.com

Check out our options VIVID to enjoy the university holidays with Vivid

Become a instructor with Vivid


Launching in summer 2016 will be our 9 week instructor training course in Cervinia, Italy. Become a instructor with Vivid on the Cervinia/Zermatt glacier is the highest and largest in Europe. There is a great mix of terrain and an awesome Snowpark. Check out the resort here RESORT

We have purposely created a midsummer course so you can gain your BASI level one and level two before all the schools in the northern hemisphere start employing for the coming winter. By the beginning of September you will be sending off your job application forms.
Here at Vivid Snowboarding we have contacts all over the globe.

Our network includes:

  • West coast, East Coast and Colorado in America
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • All over Europe

We also have great contacts in the southern hemisphere.

Vivid Snowboarding is always on the lookout for new instructors in its home resort of Verbier. Check out the Vivid Snowboarding team here VIVID 

The team is made up of passionate and well qualified instructor. Everyone shares the same love for Snowboarding


If you fancy chatting about the course or anything to do with an option to become a instructor with Vivid don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. Rob – 0041 792838735

basi level 3 training


BASI LEVEL 3 TRAINING - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Vivid Snowboard Camps

Vivid Snowboarding is creating on snow BASI level 3 training. It's for instructors wanting to reach that next level in their qualification process. The step up from the level 2 to level 3 is dramatic and constructive on snow training is the key to success. We are in the process of finalising our dates and these will be up shortly. Keep an eye out for the product dropping soon on our site.

The Vivid Snowboarding  team has members that have been through the process. Vivid has an active BASI trainer on the books. With all the industry experience we are one of the leader in instructor training. Come and see for yourselves.

Check out our instructor training options VIVID

Have a look through our instructor training page. We also private training. This can be offered at a reduced rate with your BASI membership.

If you are interested in working for Vivid snowboarding in the future , hold your BASI level 2 qualification this training camp could be for you. When looking for new instructors we generally only take people on that we've ridden with on the hill. Its very important to see new team members ride.




Jimbo pre winter in Saas Fee

Perched high in the Valais region of the Swiss alps , Saas Fee has become synonymous with summer riding and great pre season shredding.

The mountain rises to the dizzy heights of 3600m allowing for great conditions throughout the year. The glacier only closes at the end of the winter to allow for preparation for the coming summer. There are 18 peaks surrounding Saas Fee which are above 4000m and the glacier has one of the best Snow parks which offers great riding in the summer months.

I am currently over in Saas Fee running a BASI level 2 exam. Conditions have been similar to last winter with over 220cm already up top and cold temperatures keeping things fresh and exciting.

It is half way through the exam which is assessed on technical riding, teaching ability alongside professionalism and all the attributes needed to be a safe, confident instructor. The major step up from the BASI level one exam is that you will leave being able to teach all levels of rider and your technical riding will be analysed in a variety of different terrain types from off-piste to steeps and freestyle.

Here is the freestyle criteria

-Flatland tricks which will involve ollies and nollies, looking at all the 180 variations and being able to press and butter the board
-Basic kicker riding which will be hitting a blue jump performing a straight air with simple grab
-Sliding a box 50-50

From being a BASI examiner for the last 8 winter I think it’s a great product which in turn produces great instructors. The examination process is geared towards producing instructors for the industry but I do feel it goes a long way in being an intensive snowboarder improver course which will step your riding up a gear. Snowboarding like any other sport is most rewarding when you feel yourself progressing.

If you feel that you are interested in becoming an instructor or would purely like to raise your game on the mountain then please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.

Vivid Snowboarding, A New Breed Of Snowboard School.


SNOW PARK SAFETY - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Vivid snowboarding

Here are some specific safety points to be aware of when riding park.

1. Features will be clearly labelled like the piste. Starting at green which will be easiest and finishing with black which are for advanced riders.

2. Always check the feature before attempting to hit it. You may have been taking on the same feature every day for a week but shapes can change overnight so take a look before the start of each session, go for a dry run, riding into features to get the measure of the speed that you require and the shape.

3. Always good to watch other riders hit the feature you want to ride, this way you can get an idea of where to drop in from. Nothing worse than under cooking it but at the same time you don’t want to be sailing over the knuckle still going up!

4. Make sure there is no one on the landing before attempting to hit a feature. If in any doubt don’t go.

5. Never try something too far outside your comfort zone, remember to always be in control. Ever body loves a hero but be careful as your best day ever can turn into your worst in a split second.

6. Alert other park users that you are dropping into a feature this could be done by a simple hand in the air or by shouting dropping.

7. If you do fall, try and move away from the landing zone as quickly as possible so you are visible and in a safe place.

8.If a feature is closed don't hit it!

9.If you witness an accident or are involved in one , go through the correct steps. Make area safe, make sure casualty is comfortable and inform the park crew of what has happened.

10. Always have respect for others.


Vivid Snowboarding , The specialist Snowboard School

snowboard instructor training


Instructor training

Vivid Snowboarding is already planning the very highest quality instructor training programme for next winter. We are hoping to create an academy style product looking to qualify up and coming instructors into the BASI snowboard system. Check out the basi snowboarding pathway here BASI

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering coaching and guidance through the BASI level 1 and 2 snowboard exam process. Check out our instructor training here VIVID

BASI snowboarding has 4 levels of qualification. The level one is five days. Level two is ten. Vivid Snowboarding will also be offering coaching for the level 3 qualification. The technical level 3 is the hardest part of the basi snowboarding product. Each rider will have to perform at or above the technical criteria.

The level 3 park criteria is as follows:

  • Flatland - Skills (including switch) involving presses, ollies/nollies, BS/FS 180 + combining tricks
  • Kickers (+8 Metre) - Perform straight airs with at least 2 grab variations, both BS/FS 180s + a 360
  • Box features (straight) - Perform Nose and Tail Presses and both FS and BS Boardslides
  • Pipe– Riding the walls and taking air at the coping


Keep up to date with us on our blogs and on facebook and we will give you more information soon on what will be the very best snowboard instructor training programme in Europe.