A good Body position on the board is essential for effective and efficient riding. Through out this blog we will lay out the ingredients to stand properly on your board.

  • Stance

This starts with the board set up. Our bindings should be a comfortable distance apart. An arms length, so scrunched up fist to elbow along the heel edge of the board between the back binding. Don't go too wide as this can add stress to the body and may result in injury.
Set the bindings up so you’ve got a positive angle on the front foot and a negative on the back. +15 and -15 is a good start. The importance of riding duck is that it allows our body to move freely. When moving the body up and down the hips, knees and ankles will move freely and in unison. Duck stance will also help make switch riding easier. It is always fun to play around with different angles to find something that really works.

  • Body Position


From the board upwards we start with having the ankles, knees and hips soft and flexed. Stand slightly on the outside of the feet where these can rest and push against the bindings. The knees should be flexed out over the feet and the hips stacked over the knees. A house like shape or triangle shape should be created beneath the waist line.  Keep the hips in the middle of the board.


Above the waist line it’s essential to engage the core. Stomach, abdominal muscles and lower back must remain strong. The shoulders should be aligned and the arms relaxed. Your arms are your balancing tool, if you get knocked off balance from anything on the mountain the arms will help rebalance you, while keeping you riding in a strong and confident style.

The head position is very important. This should always be in the direction of travel. If you are a regular rider for example this should be always looking over the left shoulder. Too many riders look down the mountain rather than looking through the turn.

The final ingredient is to stay relaxed. If the body becomes tight and tense then the whole of the riding will have that look and feel. Breath, focus and enjoy

Check out our Youtube to edit to get a full video experience.Body position on the board LINK


Check out Saas Fee


Check out Saas Fee situated in the South West corner of the Valais region. The village sits at a height of 1800m. The mountains that surround the resort are some of the largest in Europe. Described as ' The pearl of the Alps' there are 13 peaks over 4000m in height.

Saas Fee is home to a large ridable glacier with snow cover all year round. The resort will shut for a few weeks during the spring and early Summer. By mid July they are open for business. The glacier offers a great selection of slopes as well as an awesome snow park for all levels of rider. The park attracts the worlds best riders during the Autumn months as they are getting prepared for the up and coming contest season.

The glacier is accessed by gondola lifts and an underground railway that cuts through the mountains up to the slopes. The slopes are broken up into two clear sections with a upper and lower section. When snow conditions allow later in the autumn the lifts and slopes around the mid station open up.

The village is a typical Swiss chocolate box resort. Hand crafted chalets and hotels sit alongside cow sheds and farmers barns. A little like Zermatt, Saas Fee keeps its streets car free which adds to the pure charm of the resort. There is a great selection of shops, restaurants and bars. The infamous Popcorn bar POPCORN BAR SAAS FEE usually fires up most weekends if you are wanting a lively party spot.

If you are looking to become a snowboard instructor or just raise your overall riding skills then you should check out our instructor training course Instructor training.

We are offering private coaching through out the Autumn in Saas Fee. Get in touch for more details.





Core exercise for snowboarding

The beginning of the winter is fast approaching and to hit the ground running its important to have your body in top condition. You don't want to be downloading on a powder day in early December because of fatigue.

Through the coming week we are going to be dropping a few fitness tips to get you in shape.

Here we are going to be looking at  a core exercise for snowboarding. This really breaks down to stomach muscles and lower back(abdominal, obliques) Being able to engage and release your core during riding is an essential skill for effective and efficient shredding.

Think of the core as your centre where all your upper body limbs and lower body limbs will be activated from. When you are riding effectively and efficiently the core will be engaged and strong. Particularly when the going gets a little tougher this when we will need that extra strength.


Below Sam is working on a specific exercise that isolates and works on the obliques.

Firstly he hangs with his palms facing outward.

Legs together he brings the knees up the right hand side, then shifts across the body and drops down the left hand side. This is repeated starting on the left hand side.

Try and make big circles when performing the exercise and add in a cheeky pull up to mix things up.

This will help with your overall snowboard performance. Check out all our lesson options here OPTIONS

There are three different approaches you need to be a good rounded snowboarder. Your technical ability has to be good, your mental approach strong and overall fitness levels great.

The body will be working harder at altitude, check out the height of Verbier VERBIER in the heart of Valais, Switzerland





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Frontside 360 One of the most iconic feel good tricks out there and is a must in any rider’s arsenal. The movements for this trick can be learnt on a slope or small side hits and then taken to the park or backcountry. The trick can be performed off both the toe and heel edge. Here we are going to be focusing on the heel version off a park kicker.

Find a kicker that you feel comfortable hitting. By this I mean you have a good measure of the speed needed to hit the sweet spot of the landing and you’ve gauged the shape of the take off. On the run in try and feel yourself relaxed, centred and focused on the approaching take off. Make sure your weight is even over both the back and front foot. Keep the ankles , knees and hips slightly flexed and upper body aligned.  The run in wants to be timed so you have rolled your board onto the heel edge for take off. The heel edge will be your platform to pop from.

Here we are looking to pop off the heel edge. By popping off the kicker this will add to the balance needed in the air. If you allow yourself to just ride off the kicker the trick will not be solid or balanced. Pop! A combination of movements has to happen at this point , this is where your set will be important. When you are popping into the trick you will want some pre rotation and then you want to throw your head, shoulders, arms and core front side. The trick its self will need more energy than a front side 180 but don’t throw too hard.

Once airborne you will want to stay as compact as possible. Think about bringing your knees to nipples and holding yourself in a relaxed position, knees out over your feet. Always looking to make smooth effortless movements as this will bring your style points up. Grabs can add stability into the trick. Think about a basic grab like the indy or melon to help this process. Keep looking over your leading shoulder, don’t open the head up too much.

Now the all important landing . Here you want to be blocking the trick with your eyeline. It is a trick that you will be looking back up the landing . You can almost look through your legs. Bring the landing gear down beneath you and land on those bolts.

Rob Norton frontside 360 indy[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Come join us this winter for a freestyle session or camp and get your frontside 360 on lock , check out the option here VIVID


Some of the epic Verbier backcountry

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"][youtube=]Verbier is one of the most popular off piste snowboarding destinations in the world. It sits alongside heavy hitters such as Chamonix , St Anton and Val D'Isere to name a few. It has built this reputation around an amazing snow record and some of the best lift accessed terrain in the world. It only takes a small amount of hiking to be rewarded with some epic terrain. The mountains are also littered with itinerary runs which are marked off piste slopes. These will be patrolled as well as being closed if they are in danger of being avalanched. Always respect the signs and barriers on the mountain, if closed don't duck the ropes!

Always great snow in Super bowl on the backside of Mont Fort
Always great snow in Super bowl on the backside of Mont Fort

Verbier's reputation is backed up by hosting the finals of the World Freeride tour every march time on the legendary Bed De Rosses which is non lifted accessed 3000m steep scary face. The worlds best freeride competitors fight it out to see who can choose the fastest, hardest and most fluid line down the mountain. A great weekend to come and see Verbier at its very best.

A new lift will link Verbier with the resort of Bruson. A relatively small station but it comes into its own when the visibility is poor as it has great treeline skiing and it also has some great off piste when the conditions are right.


If you are looking to explore around some of the classic backcountry routes that Verbier has to offer its worth getting in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. We will be able to talk you through a few different options for your day in the backcountry as well as give you some local insight into conditions. We offer a guiding service for more advanced riders and we also offer introductory sessions to riding off piste. The beauty of Verbier is that there is so much terrain to choose from so there is something for everyone.

Check out our off-piste guiding options here VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding is a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

VIVID KIDS Little Riders

VIVID KIDS  Little Riders

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are offering a new kids programme for the start of winter 2013/14.

Are aim is to encourage more youngsters to get involved in Snowboarding and take up riding at a younger age.

Our approach is to make all sessions fun and enjoyable in a safe learning environment. Kids will learn in different ways to adults and will not be able to balance and co-ordinate movements as well initially. The expectation should not be to be launching perfect BS 540’s within a week it should be to gain board control and begin to build a solid skill foundation while enjoying each session. FUN IS KEY. Early sessions will focus on playful games and getting used to sliding on snow.

The industry has moved forward leaps and bounds in the last few winters to get more kids on snow. Single strap bindings , Velcro boots , better water proof clothing to combat more snow contact are just a handful of new products. All are aimed at making the learning process easier and more fun.

So we want to offer our Vivid Kids product to everyone. If you feel like your 3 year old would enjoy a two hour slide around then bring them along.

Check out our sessions here VIVID

All our Vivid Snowboard team are on hand to introduce your kids to boarding. It might just be a small taster session on the nursery slope or it could be a week long programme . Please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding to discuss options. We are always here to help with any enquiries and can help you get kitted out in resort.

We look forward to hearing from you soon



Check out KYLE MACK who first got on a board at two years old.

This lad started riding at two years old

Mid Summer - Vivid Snowboarding

Vivid Snowboarding Team

MID SUMMER - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

So again it rolls around to Mid Summer - Vivid Snowboarding will be opening again this winter back in Verbier.

The weather has been doing crazy things of late and the snow kept falling well into early June. We hope again for another epic winter for 2013/2014.

Vivid Snowboarding will again be working out of Xtreme Sports in place central. The shop has some of the best quality hire equipment in resort as well as a good selection of Ride and Capita equipment. For walk in bookings we have a snowboard school desk in the ground floor of the shop.

The shop has a great selection of rental boards, bindings and boots as well as selling some good soft goods on the first foor. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need some advice on what equipment to rent. We are here to help

Check out the shop here extreme

As our reputation grows with in resort we constantly want our school and product to evolve and change to keep the quality the best in Verbier and best value for our clients  so look out for new products that will be on line in the Autumn VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding is a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier.

Beginning of January 2013

Beginning of January 2013 - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

The beginning of January 2013 has been a busy week in Verbier. All the Vivid snowboarding team have been on the mountain both instructing and getting some footage together. Check out our facebook page or you tube account for a little edit we put together from Monday

The mountain is in amazing condition just now. There is plenty of great powder snow to be found all over the mountain. Why not take one of our backcountry coaches to not only show you the best places to ride, but to also so you the best technique for riding it.

We have specific freeride camps going out towards the end of the month and we also offer weekend clinics. Our clinic product can be set up if you get a group together and want two days riding some of the vert best terrain in the world.

Keep looking for up dated footage and photos through out the winter.


If you want to learn or add  new skills  to existing ones then please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. Check out all lesson options here VIVID




TRAIL RUNNING - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Fitness for the coming winter……. Strengthen the body and mind before the snow starts falling.

Trail running and a few technical pointers.

Injuries related to running are usually through the repetitive nature of road running combined with bad technique. Why not avoid the continuous pounding of pavement and take to some trail running.

I know many who are city bound might be thinking this is impossible but even in some of our larger urban areas we can find enough park land to mix up our running routines on grass, mud, gravel and grit.

Simple terrain changes will actually strengthen areas of the body that sometimes suffer while road running. Undulating and uneven terrain will have the body adapting and changing . Ankle joints will strengthen and become stronger and our overall technique will have to adapt in order to run effectively.

A mid foot landing or mid strike will be more efficient than a heel strike.  This style of running  is better for the body and has less impact  on the  knees. The basic idea is to build up the calf muscles and allow the Achilles tendons to strengthen and become more flexible . Try running for a 15 minute time period over some training sessions for a few weeks running mid strike or more on the toes allowing your stride pattern to be reduced. Remember over striding will lead to common injuries such as shin splints and sore knees because you will be continuously landing on your heels. Always look to stay relaxed , hips should stay centred and not twist and the upper body or arms should be at the side of the torso , the more the arms are crossing the chest the more energy you are burning up.

Variety is the spice of life, so why not  put some  care and attention into one’s own fitness programme which in effect will have the positive outcome of making you stronger, more agile and give you greater endurance. This alone will have a knock on effect of allowing you to ride harder and longer on the mountain.

For any preseason fitness tips or snowboard coaching in Verbier , please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding,a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier .

We pride ourselves on being the only independent  Snowboard School in town.

warm up session


Warm up Session

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we take our riding seriously and therefore before any slidding happens we get warmed up properly.

The duration of a warm up should last anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Dynamic movements and activities are preferred over static stretching. Post riding time stretches should be more static looking at both developmental and maintance style stretches.

The two major reasons for a warm up session before riding time is to increase our heart rate and allow the muscles to warm before exercising hence lowering the risk of injury.

After a good warm up session off the board its worth taking a few runs on your board . Often individuals will have their own system or routine. Popping ollies and nollies is a good way to get the leg muscles working. Its also woth playing around with popping off both feet and landing centered as well as playing around with rotational movements and riding switch. If you are on a mountain that you know ,it might be a specific run with some interesting features that helps you get into the day.

Warm up runs may vary depending on the type of day that is occuring on the mountain. If for example your heading to the snowpark then the warm up will be specific to freestyle riding. However if the day has a more backcountry flavour to it then a run through the  chopped up variables might be on the menu.

Look out for fitness tips on our You tube channel  VIVID

Whatever kind of riding day you are planning on the mountain come and take a session with Vivid Snowboarding , a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier, Switzerland.

We offer the very best coaching and teaching on the mountain. Check out all our lessons here in VIVID