Burton Custom Board Review


Sizes: 150, 154, 156, 158, 162, 154W, 158W, 162W, 166W, 170W

Burton Custom Board Review

This board has been the backbone of the Burton range since 1996. It is a true all terrain slayer being able to handle steep couloirs and pillow lines through to kickers and icy pipe transitions.

The board comes in various sizes and can be ridden in true camber style or flying V. Its directional shape makes it perfect for those powder days and it has a twin flex which makes riding regular or switch easy. The slightly stiffer flex pattern makes this suitable for the intermediate to advanced rider amongst you.

This really is a board that can take you anywhere and therefore if you want a one board quiver then look no further than the Burton Custom.

Come ride and test Burton Snowboards with us this winter in Verbier. We have tests centres in the new flagship store on the main strip and in Mountain air.

Vivid Snowboarding will be open for lessons and session during weekends in November and then full time from the opening weekend of winter 2019/20 at the beginning of December. Look out for new products dropping during the Autumn. If you need any advice on boards or hard goods from Burton Snowboards then don't hesitate to get in touch and find out what will suit your needs the best.

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Correct body position

POSTURE - Our body position is the most important ingredient.

POSTURE - Our body position is the most important ingredient.


This starts with board set up. Our bindings should be a comfortable distance apart. An arms length, so scrunched up fist to elbow along the heel edge of the board between the back binding. Set the bindings up so you’ve got a positive angle on the front foot and a negative on the back. +15 and -12 is a good start.  The importance of riding duck is that it allows our body to move freely. When moving the body up and down the hips, knees and ankles will move together in unison. Duck stance will also make switch riding easier as the angled back foot will aid with steering.


From the board upwards we start with having the ankles, knees and hips soft and flexed. Think about standing slightly on the outside of the feet where these can rest and push against the bindings. The knees should be flexed out over the feet and the hips stacked over the knees. A house like shape or triangle shape should be created beneath the waist line with the structure of the legs. Keep the hips in the middle of the board.
Check out our youtube channel for one of our tips on posture https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_GzLrLtcfrdEfAstPcvXA
Above the waist line it’s essential to engage the core. Stomach , abdominal muscles and lower back must remain strong. The shoulders should be aligned and the arms relaxed. Your arms are your balancing tool , if you get knocked off balance from anything on the mountain the arms will help rebalance you and keep you riding in a strong and confident style.
Head position is very important. This should always be in the direction of travel. If you are a regular rider for example this should be always looking over the left shoulder.
The final ingredient is to stay relaxed. If the body becomes tight and tense then the whole of the riding will have this look and feel
POSTURE  - Our body position or stance is the most important ingredient in Snowboarding.
Come join us for a snowboard lesson in Verbier.  Progress with style and confidence. Check out our lesson options https://vividsnowboarding.com/verbier-snowboard-school-products/

Rome Reverb 158


Rome Reverb 158 is a great all mountain machine. Handles like a dream in powder. Twin tip, traditional camber shape gives it a lively, poppy feel off kickers. It would be an ideal one stick for everything rather than specialising to a specific park or backcountry board. It weighs in with a nice price tag so could be a great weapon of choice for the coming winter.

The Rome reverb 158 is amazing in the park and powder. It almost feels like you are riding a directional shape board when riding off-piste. The flex pattern feels awesome . Not too soft but not too stiff. This camber board sits nicely in the middle.

Check out what all the team are riding here TEAM

If you are looking for any advice on equipment don't hesitate to get in touch. Their are so many good products on the market its hard sometimes to choose the best gear. Here at Vivid from all our years experience we can help steer you in the right direction. We would definitely advise getting the Rome reverb 158

Look out for more product reviews coming for Vivid through out the coming months. As instructor we are constantly using new kit so we need the very best out there.

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New VividSnowboarding team member SAM BALDWIN ripping the park to pieces in Cervinia , Italy. It is awesome to welcome Sam to the Vivid Snowboarding team. He brings a wealth of experience to the Vivid crew. Sam has been improving his riding skills all around the alps in the last few winter. He has spent time in Chamonix, Val D'Isere and Hintertux.

Our new Vividsnowboarding team member Sam is an equally passionate freerider and park rider. When the conditions are on and the powder is deep, Sam can be found steep riding lines all around Verbier. He already as one eye on competing in the world Freeride tour. He has a smooth easy style and is always adding a little freestyle magic to his freeride lines.

Sam learnt to snowbaord on the icy mountains in Sweden,  this means the transition to riding easier conditions in the Alps has been easy.

Sam is beginning his journey through the instructor qualification system. He has already achieved a good pass on his level one and two exam and is now looking to complete his level 3 badge.

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Sam Balwin

Vivid Snowboarding is a New Breed of Snowboard School .


Been out on the mountain over the last few days getting some filming done with clients and the rest of team with our Go Pro. If you fancy a small snowboarding edit of you and your riding crew get in touch with vivid snowboarding. Checkout our riding options here VIVID

We'll put together a small film of you riding to your favourite tunes and beats in the background. Its a great way to show friends your riding skills as well as a cool way to looking back on your snowboard trip. Who does not want to see an epic adit of their snowboard trip?

These small pocket size cameras really are the future of filming snowboarding and extreme sports. They are easy to hold and use and you can download the footage onto a laptop and computer and created awesome edits. Check out our You tube channel for some riding from all the Vivid Snowboarding team YOU TUBE

The Go Pro is awesome.  Gone are the days of the mini cam corder and getting some average footage that looks super jumpy. The Go Pro is the game changer! Already the company is talking about releasing its next model which should be on the shelves for sale soon.