fond memory

Mother Nature. We ask for snow. Mid Autumn here in Verbier and we are all looking forward to the winter ahead. The last few Autumns have seen good early winter snow fall. We hoping Mother Nature will bring some early season snowfall. Verbier will open its slopes at weekends once the snow arrives.The lifts will open full time from the beginning of December.  Below is a fond memory from last winter in Verbier. A stylish frontside 720 with a truck driver in the Verbier snowpark.

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Vivid Snowboarding is the only independent snowboard school in Verbier. All our instructors are 100% snowboarders. We use specialist snowboarders who live and breath the sport. All the team can be found riding the mountain on a daily basis when not teaching and coaching. It super important to keep developing our riding skills so we can transfer these skills to our clients.

If you are interested in a session at Vivid snowboarding then please get in touch. we are available anytime to talk and to discuss lesson options. We offer all types of lessons for every level of rider. From day one beginning through to advanced backcountry riders and freestyle riders. fond memory


The inception of Vivid

It was our huge, undying passion for snowboarding that was the driving force behind the inception of vivid.

We love to snowboard.

Welcome to a new breed of snowboard school. Our experienced, dedicated and devoted coaches are ready to make this trip to Verbier your best ever.

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If it's your first time on a board or a tenth year riding the epic terrain of Verbier, we promise two things when taking our tailored sessions: progress and fun.

We hope you leave loving snowboarding as much as us. Please keep an eye out for up dates on our blog and all our social media channels. The Vivid Snowboarding product will being growing in the direction you the client what to take it.  We will evolve and grow with you.

The inception of Vivid Snowboarding has come about because of the need for a 100% pure, independent snowboard school. Check out our lesson option here VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding provides everything at the heart of snowboarding. All our team are pure snowboarders and we are breaking away from the mould of skiing first snowboarding second. To be good at a skill you have to practice, learn and have fun progressing all the time.