Vivid snowboarding has been super busy over the last week with all the team teaching and coaching various different groups out from the UK. Well done to Spencer and the girls from Lillywhites who all made some great progression in the three days they spent on the mountain.

The Mont Gele lift has a broken cable which has meant the mountain has not been as tracked as usual. The ridge line hike from the top of Lac Des Vaux 3 takes around 50 minutes which is well worth the walk up.

The park is beginning to look even better with yet more kickers and rail features. There will be a new boarder cross course opening soon.

For any freestyle coaching please get in touch with us here at vivid snowboarding, the only independant Snowboard school in Verbier


Epic conditions on the mountain today ment some great riding in the trees above Verbier. For off piste coaching and backcountry adventures check out our product page. Here at vivid snowboarding we offer the very best snowboard coaching and instructing in Verbier


We are in the middle of another heavy snowfall. The conditions are looking great up the mountain with powder to be had all over the hill. The team have been busy again this week with all our instructors teaching and riding.We have been Freestyle coaching in the park and are beginning to get some good footage together on the school go pro.

keep an eye out on our social media platforms in the coming weeks for photos and footage.  The heavy snowfall in the last few days have meant the mountain has been awesome to film on.

The weather should get better over the weekend so if you are looking for some coaching in the powder give us a shout. A greta way to keep an eye on conditions daily is through the webcams provided by the tourist office CAMS

Vivid snowboarding is a new breed of snowboard school in Verbier and we offer the highest quality  snowboard instructing and coaching in Verbier.

vivid snowboarding offers all style of snowboard tuition. From day one beginner though to advanced off-piste guiding and freestyle sessions. Check out all options here OPTIONS

If you are unsure of your level or you would like some more information on what Vivid snowboarding has to offer then please get in touch.


Sie sind eingeladen, das Album von Robert Gaus anzusehen: Andermatt/Leysin/Verbier 06.01. - 15.01.2012

Andermatt/Leysin/Verbier 06.01. - 15.01.2012

Andermatt, Leysin, Verbier -

von Robert Gaus

1st stop: Andermatt, 2nd stop Leysin, 3rd stop Verbier

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Nachricht von Robert Gaus:

Hi Rob,

within this link / album I have enclosed all the pictures I have taken from the trip on Friday.
Thank you very much again and it has been the greatest day in snowboarding for me so far! Thanks!
I guess I am coming back for more:)

Thanks and all the best to you!


PS.: if you wish a higher resolution of the pictures, just let me know.

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Vivid Snowboarding in Verbier has been snowboard coaching in the Verbier park. The team have also been taking clients into some of the amazing backcountry Verbier has to offer. Check out all lesson options here RIDING OPTIONS

The Snowpark has been great in the last few days. The top red kicker seems good and then the three red kickers in a row lower down are also nice. The other features have been well shaped and the park team are getting the black kickers ready for the weekend. They are having to blow more snow to make the landings steep enough. More snow is expected so if your after some snowboard coaching off-piste or in the park come and take a session with vivid snowboarding.

You can check out the conditions in Verbier via the following link SNOW

The Verbier snowpark do not do any earth works during the summer. This means the park needs snow for it to be able to be shaped. A good amount of snow always means a good park in Verbier.

Verbier have been investing in good snow making machines in the last few years. By the end of the Autumn when the temperatures begin to drop they will fire up the snow guns.



Thursday 12 January
Superb riding conditions have been found all over the mountain. The higher altitude slopes have kept the best snow. Mark and Nick joined vivid snowboarding for a Backcountry Adventure.
The meeting point was Off Shore 9 am where the lads grabbed there transceivers, shovels and probes. The  first route of the day was a toe side traverse followed by a 20 minute hike into rock garden. The climb in had been boot packed the going was good. Once at the top we took a left and hiked a little more. The extra 5 minute hike was rewarded with amazing powder turns . After rock garden we headed back up top via a gondola and cable car ride to the top of Mont gele which stands at over 3000 meters . We then headed down the south side of the mountain to La Chaux. Conditions where a little windblown at the top but the sun had already began to soften the snow which allowed for some easier turns towards the bottom.

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Stairway to Heavan

After a quick pit stop Nick was wanting to beat his top speed of 45mph so he headed for some open slopes while Mark and myself heading up the jumbo to the Mont Fort glacier. First up was the small but intense climb into Stairway, again we were rewarded with some great snow conditions and it was easy to make some smooth powder slashes. The bottom section of the mountain was used to work on some pressure control skills and organising movement patterns in the chopped up terrain. We headed back up to the very top of the Mont Fort glacier and headed for the South face of Mont fort which was very steep at the top. Mark rode the steeps like a true backcountry pro and managed to get a few early turns in which lead to an overall fluid run. Once at the bottom we traversed to our next climb which took us to the bottom of the Bec des Rosses where the world freeride finals are held every year. Once again conditions where great and we cruised under the giant mountain above.
Next stop the snow park. Mark finished the day with a bit of kicker and rail action and then we headed for a well earned beer in town. An amazing day was had by all and even since the last snowfall 6 days ago we managed to find some great snow.
If you are looking for off piste coaching or just a backcountry adventure come take a session with vivid snowboarding, the only independent snowboard school in Verbier[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Check out our riding options here VIVID


The snowpark in Verbier is beginning to take shape . There is a spine jump at the bottom of the park with three further red kickers and three blue kickers. The shape of the smaller kickers are good and they also have rollers for people who are getting into the park for the first time. The park team are also getting the air bag at the bottom of the park ready. This is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn some inverted tricks. Still always check your run in as you don’t want to be over shooting this feature! They have a few boxes in position a wide flat box, a small rainbow box and another flat box. No big air kicker in place yet but it should be built fairly soon. If you fancy getting into the park for the first time or want to improve on your freestyle skills come and take a session with one of our vivid snowboarding coaches.


Vivid snowboarding Verbier has been busy over the last few days with lots of last minute bookings coming in. The busy holiday times in Verbier have come and gone and resort is a little less hectic. The mountain has amazing snow all over with great conditions on Mont Gele and Mont Fort. The forecast is for sunny conditions all week.

You can keep up to date with conditions here WEATHER

Snow-forecast is one of the leading forecast site in the world. They will give you a good insight in to the coming weather for the week ahead. Always worth keeping one eye on snow conditions as you are planning a trip to the mountains.

The La Chaux snow park is beginning to take shape and looks like it will be good for freestyle coaching sessions. If you are looking for snowboard coaching and instructing in Verbier, then look no further than Vivid Snowboarding. We are a new breed of snowboard school in Verbier and offer the highest quality product in resort. Have a look through our website for all the products that we offer. The site is very easy to navigate and you will get a real feel for what we offer.

Check out our team here TEAM



2012 Update

Verbier has seen lift lines swell with the combination of holiday times and huge snowfall. Conditions on the mountain are amazing and the snow has been some of the best seen since 1998/1999. Check out snow conditions in Verbier here VERBIER

All the team have been working on and a great afternoon was had by all on Savoleyres yesterday. The CK team seemed to have a great time.

2012 update and the Verbier park is beginning to take shape and it looks like there will be a few different lines to be had this winter. After speaking to the head park shaper they are looking to put a few lines of kickers into place which means you can have more flowing runs where tricks can be put together, more slopestyle like.

Our happy hour product is already proving popular with everyone. You get a three hour session for the price of a two hour session in the afternoons. Cost is 220ch which is a bargin..... So come and take a session with Vivid snowboarding the only independant snowboard school in Verbier. No Skiboarders here......

Check out all lesson options here LESSONS

2012 update Vivid Snowboarding offers specialised camps. These can also be found on our website.


Backside 180. Trick difficulty; easy.
Whenever the question is ask to the season pro what is your favourite trick? time and time again they will answer BS180. It’s essentially a feel good trick that requires a small amount of rotation as your only rotating your body and board 180 degrees. It is the progression on from simple straight airs and grabs. Progression is the key to enjoying riding. The trick tip backside 180 !
The beauty about learning small rotational tricks is that they can be learnt, practised and mastered on a mellow slope before taking them into the park. By taking away the fear factor of the park one can learn this trick in a safe and fun environment and be building the ever important confidence all the time.
The level indicator.
A rider must be confident in their ability to be able to ride blue and red runs both regular and switch. This is important because when performing the trick you will be taking off in your regular position and you will be putting the trick down in Switch and riding away.
Terrain type; Nice wide open piste.
Step 1
Begin by standing centred on your board and by this I mean keep your weight distributed evenly over both feet. Imagine an invisible line going from the centre of your hips to the central position between your bindings .It’s Important here to flex at both the ankle and knees and stay relaxed, you should be gripping on your toe edge.
Step 2
Now comes the popping part of the trick which is really the energy required to perform the manoeuvre. Here you want to pop off both feet bringing the board up to and at the same time turning your head, shoulders and upper body in a backside direction. It’s important here to keep the eye line looking towards the tail of the board or back up the hill, this will help block the rotation and allow you not to over spin your trick.
Step 3
For landing the trick you want to put the board down as softly as you can , using those ankle and knee joints to really absorb and suck up the landing. The trick can be landed on the toe edge or put down onto the flat base then rolled onto a working edge. Ride away switch and remember not to revert around to your regular position as switch riding is the business!
Having practised and repeated this trick you will be ready to take it to the park. Like any snowboard trick it has endless possibilities in ways of grabbing, styling, delaying , poking and tweaking. Enjoy.

Come and learn this and more with vivid snowboarding. Check out our session options  VIVID