Vivid Snowboarding Trick tip : Indy Grab

The indy grab is a basic snowboard trick  where you are grabbing your toe edge with your back hand in between your bindings. Important to note that the grab is not behind the back foot as this would be a ‘tindy’ and we don’t  want to go down that path.

This trick can  be performed off kickers, cliffs , cat tracks and  any natural  feature that you can give you air time.

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are going to run through a park version but really the technique will apply for any feature you are hitting

Before attempting the indy grab feel confident in cleanly popping and getting some air time. The grab itself will often give you extra stability in the air.



On the run in to the kicker feel relaxed and centred on your board. Keep the ankles, knees and hips slightly flexed , engage the core , keep the upper body soft and aligned with your board and keep your eyes focused on take off.

Phase 2= TAKE OFF

The important part of this phase is to pop off the kicker. This movement will give you balance and that solid feeling while in the flight stage. NO POP= NO BALANCE.  If you just ride off the end of the kicker you will not  have a clean jump.  This trick is easiest taking off a flat base or slightly gripping on the toe edge.  Feel your big toes against your toe edge.

Phase 3= AIR TIME

It’s important  here to bring your knees to nipples and stay compact in the air, push your knees out over your feet to create that triangle or house shape beneath you. At this stage you will be looking to grab your toe edge with your back hand in between the bindings.  Hold the grab for as long a possible.

Phase 4= LANDING

This is another important moment in the process. Once you see the landing  begin to put your legs underneath you and get ready for impact. Try and focus on putting your board down centred almost think about landing softly on the bolts of your board.

Once you feel comfortable grabbing indy you can now begin to style out your trick adding a poke or a nosebone  for extra points.



For Freestyle coaching please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL IN VERBIER.