Vivid Snowboarding is the specialist snowboard school in Verbier. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best tuition, coaching and guiding in Verbier, Switzerland.

We are a professional team of instructors and coaches that are ready to make your snowboarding experience the very best around.  Here is a break down of the main products we offer:

Daily Snowboard lessons:

  • Private Lessons
  • Freeride and Splitboard lessons
  • Freestyle Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Kids Lessons

We cater for all your snowboarding needs. Please contact us for any special requests.

We also offer a wide variety of camps and courses throughout the winter. Verbier is one of the Very best Freeride resorts in the world. Why not join us for one of our Freeride camps. Check out all our camp options here FREERIDE

Check out some of the awesome freedride routes here : FREERIDE

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we also offer a selection of instructor training courses. Our instructor level one and two course is a 10 week program that will take you form the beginning of December through until the middle of February. Once the course has finished successful students will be ready to get out and teach in the industry .

New for Winter 2022 – 2023 is our level 3 and 4 instructor training course. This has been designed to take both your riding and teaching to that next level while having a huge amount of fun in the mountains for a winter.

Please check out the new course here NEW

We also offer Heli riding during the winter which is an awesome day out. Please get in touch for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you into Verbier this winter.