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The Vivid Snowboarding Blog

The Vivid Snowboarding blog

Welcome to the Vivid snowboarding blog. We aim to keep you up to date with everything Snowboarding in and around Verbier.

Keep a look out for fresh and exciting content on a weekly basis. We will look at everything from technical riding tips, resort reports through to product reviews and conditions on the mountain.

Look out for guest writers and links to our social media content.

We are going to be bring you fitness and riding tips which will transform your day on the mountain. Our product reviews will help guide you through the maze of equipment out there on the market, we will navigate you to what is best for your style and level of riding.

Our blog aims to give you a taste of Vivid Snowboarding. A session with Vivid Snowboarding is more than just a lesson, it is an unforgettable snowboarding experience!

If you have any questions on anything that is covered in our blog. If would like to talk on a one on one basis or have ideas on what content you would like to see then please get in contact with us. Vivid Snowboarding is open 24 hours a day to take bookings or to respond to enquiries. You can check all lesson and camp options here VIVID

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Trick tip : frontside 540

Trick tip : frontside 540

Come up your freestyle game with Vivid Snowboarding FREESTYLE

Frontside 540. The rider will be taking off in their regular direction and landing the trick switch. A solid foundation for the trick would be having both your frontside 360 and frontside 180's on lock.

Find yourself a nice park kicker where your feeling comfortable and confident with the feel of the run in , take-off and landing. Ride the kicker enough times so  everything is working in unison, you feel at one with your board ready for your trick tip : frontside 540

On the run into the kicker remain relaxed, centred and focused. Keep looking ahead to your take off and control your speed. The key here is to not scrub off too much speed. Keep it constant and take the same amount of speed that you've been using in your warm up runs. Remember we are looking to send the trick into the sweet spot of the landing.

Here we are looking at the heel edge take the off and  therefore we are rolling onto our heel edge for take off. Lightly pressure the edge to create that solid platform. Pop off the kicker and into the trick. The clean and accurate pop will create balance and control through out the rotation. We need more energy than the 360 so throw a little harder. It is almost impossible to add momentum in the air so this needs to be sourced in the pop and take off section.

Here a Melon grab is added to stabilise the frontside 540 and aid with the rotation. Keep looking over your leading shoulder and begin to spot your landing. Here you want to keep looking onto your landing, stay focused and try land on those bolts with the weight centred.

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Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle Camps 2020 - 2021

Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle Camps

Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle camps will be running during the February holiday season and the Easter holidays.

The five day camps are the perfect way to raise your freestyle skills and to become comfortable and confident with riding the snowpark.

The Verbier snowpark has features for all levels of rider. The progressive nature of the park really helps to improve your riding. There is a superb mixture of snowpark features. These range from a fluid line of blue kickers, red kickers and black booters to ride on boxes and more advanced rails and jib features.

All the Vivid Snowboarding freestyle coaches are very experienced park riders and coaches. They will  be able to get the very best out of you and you're riding.

Check out our You Tube channel to check our your coaching team Coaches

A typical day might start with warming up a few of the basic freestyle tricks like the ollie and nollie. These could be linked into pressing the board and generally getting a solid feel for the board and the snow conditions. This could then lead onto a flatland 180 session getting comfortable with both landing and taking off switch.

By mid-morning when the body is sufficiently warmed up its time for a few snowparks laps. These could focus on getting comfortable riding both kickers, boxes and rails. Riders will start with becoming comfortable with straight airs then moving onto grabbed tricks.

Once a rider becomes comfortable with grabs then its time to take some spins off the jumps!

All sessions will be filmed and Instagram edits and posts will be had by all.

Please get in contact for more information on our CAMPS

Vivid Snowboarding is the specialist snowboard school in Verbier.





Snowboard Summer Camps Cervinia

Learn and progress this summer. Join our Vivid Snowboard summer camps Cervinia, Italy. The camps are park/freestyle orientated and are open to anyone of intermediate standard and above.

The Zermatt/Cervinia glacier is the largest summer riding area in Europe. The mountain plays host to the gravity Snow park with a huge variety of kickers, rails, boxes and features. The park is littered with different features.

Many of the top freestyle riders in Europe call Zermatt and Cervinia home during the summer months. It truly is an amazing park to gain more skills.

Cervinia park shapers are some of the best in the industry. and they are usually creative and playful with their design. Check out the daily conditions WEATHER

Each week is priced at £600 and includes:

  • Five full days coaching
  • Lift pass
  • Half board accommodation
  • Afternoon workshops.

Mornings will be spent shredding and progressing on the mountain. While afternoons can be spent chilling and relaxing in the village or getting involved in one of the many activities on offer.


For more details get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding 0041 792838735

or email us at

Check out all our camp option CAMPS