Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle Camps 2020 - 2021

Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle Camps 2020

Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle camps  2020 - 2021 will be running during the February holiday season and the Spring holidays.


The five day camps are the perfect way to raise your freestyle skills and to become comfortable and confident with riding the snowpark.


The Verbier snowpark has features for all levels of rider. The progressive nature of the park really helps to improve your riding. There is a superb mixture of snowpark features. These range from a fluid line of blue kickers, red kickers and black booters to ride on boxes and more advanced rails and jib features.


All the Vivid Snowboarding freestyle coaches are very experienced park riders and coaches. They will get the very best out of you and your riding.


A typical day might start with warming up a few of the basic freestyle tricks like the ollie and nollie. These could be linked into pressing the board and generally getting a solid feel for the board and the snow conditions. This could lead onto a flatland 180 session getting comfortable with both landing and taking off switch.


By mid-morning when the body is sufficiently warmed up its time for a few snowparks laps. These could focus on getting comfortable riding both kickers, boxes and rails.


All sessions will be filmed and Instagram edits and posts will be had by all.

Please get in contact for more information on our freestyle camps.



Vivid Snowboarding is the specialist snowboard school in Verbier


The rumour mill is rife at this time of year. Whispers of early opening times and new lifts being built are all too common. It has been heard in town that the snowpark will be moving from its home in La Chaux and relocating on the Savoleyres side of the mountain.

Savoleyres used to have a snowpark which was well suited to the kind of rider that liked mega whippy take offs without any landing, so not great!

I can confirm from chatting to the head park shaper that the Verbier Snowpark will again be in La Chaux for the coming winter. Last season saw a well shaped park with a good  lay out. Its not Breckenridge or Mammoth but there are enough features to have fun and progress.

The Vivid Snowboard team are always on hand to deliver park coaching sessions. There is no restrictions on age or ability , everyone is welcome. Freestyle Snowboarding is a massive part of our sport and  we want you to get the most out of your park time. Vivid Snowboarding is A NEW BREED OF SNOWBOARD SCHOOL IN VERBIER.


The snowpark in Verbier is beginning to take shape . There is a spine jump at the bottom of the park with three further red kickers and three blue kickers. The shape of the smaller kickers are good and they also have rollers for people who are getting into the park for the first time. The park team are also getting the air bag at the bottom of the park ready. This is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn some inverted tricks. Still always check your run in as you don’t want to be over shooting this feature! They have a few boxes in position a wide flat box, a small rainbow box and another flat box. No big air kicker in place yet but it should be built fairly soon. If you fancy getting into the park for the first time or want to improve on your freestyle skills come and take a session with one of our vivid snowboarding coaches.