rainbow rail action in the Verbier park


Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are constantly looking to progress both our clients freestyle riding as well as our own and therefore we spend plenty of time lapping the Verbier, Snowpark.( Below is the New Hip that has been built at the bottom of the park)Image

The Verbier Snowpark crew have been busy building some new features. There is now a blue line of boxes and rails , a red line of boxes and rails. A few fun rollers , blue and red kickers. They have also created a spin jump at the bottom of the park. With more snow forecast the park is only going to get better. For all your freestyle coaching needs get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding

Come take a freestyle session in the snowpark with one of our team TEAM

All the crew have been riding the park here in Verbier for a while. We all know the lines to take and that all important speed to hit each feature. Why not join one of us

Conditions are looking great over the next few days with more snow is rolling in. The more snow that accumulates in the park the better the features will be.

The Verbier snowpark has a passionate team of park shapers. The team are dedicated to making the Verbier park one of the Best in Europe.

Each winter the crew create something different for all levels of rider. come and experience the Verbier park for yourself.




Beginning of January 2013

Beginning of January 2013 - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

The beginning of January 2013 has been a busy week in Verbier. All the Vivid snowboarding team have been on the mountain both instructing and getting some footage together. Check out our facebook page or you tube account for a little edit we put together from Monday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLheQeUejlI.

The mountain is in amazing condition just now. There is plenty of great powder snow to be found all over the mountain. Why not take one of our backcountry coaches to not only show you the best places to ride, but to also so you the best technique for riding it.

We have specific freeride camps going out towards the end of the month and we also offer weekend clinics. Our clinic product can be set up if you get a group together and want two days riding some of the vert best terrain in the world.

Keep looking for up dated footage and photos through out the winter.


If you want to learn or add  new skills  to existing ones then please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. Check out all lesson options here VIVID



2013 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

2013 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

All the team have been busy coaching  throughout December. The  resort has seen a huge volume of people on the mountain. Vivid snowboarding has been coaching in some of the best off-piste conditions seen this early on for about 20 years in the Alps. Good early season snow in resort is awesome news. The high altitude rocky terrain begins to get covered.  Check snow conditions here VIVID

2013 Vivid Snwboarding Verbier

Early winter snow has lead to the Verbier snowpark being built. The park already has a good mixture of features. From boxes and rails to blue and  red kickers. If you are after freestyle instruction or backcountry coaching please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. You can check out our products here VIVID

We pride ourselves on being the only independent snowboard school in Verbier. Come join for a session delivered by pure snowboard instructors. Other schools in resort will often have ski instructors who do a little snowboarding on the side. Don't waste your money come take a session with us.

All the Vivid Snowboarding team are highly gifted and well qualified. They all have years of experience in the industry

DECEMBER 2012 With Vivid


December 2012 with Vivid

Winter 2012/13 has started with a bang. Early season snow at the end of November has been followed by a huge storm rolling through this week .  Verbier  has a severe weather warning in place with between 40cm and 65cm of fresh snow expected over the next 40 hours. We will keep you up dated as to how the mountain is shaping up but its already looking like an epic start to the winter.

December 2012 with Vivid, Team update

The team have already been coaching up the mountain and we've been helping to coach the Les Elfes instructors getting them ready for their busy winter ahead.

If you are looking for an international kids camp then this is for you.

All the team bar one are back in resort and we are looking forward to formation week.  It looks like Thursday is going to be the only blue bird day this week so we are looking to get some early season filming done if the weather allows.

We have a new bookings desk in Xtreme sports in place central which also offers great snowboard equipment to buy and to rent. They stock both Ride and Capita Snowboards as well as Union bindings. If you fancy buying a new Go Pro 3 they have a great selection in store.

Please get in contact if you are after snowboard instructing and coaching this coming winter. Check out our lessons here VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding is a new breed of snowboard school , we offer the best snowboard coaching and instructing in Verbier


The rumour mill is rife at this time of year. Whispers of early opening times and new lifts being built are all too common. It has been heard in town that the Verbier snowpark will be moving from its home in La Chaux and relocating on the Savoleyres side of the mountain.

Savoleyres used to have a snowpark which was well suited to the kind of rider that liked mega whippy take offs without any landing, so not great!

I can confirm from chatting to the head park shaper that the Verbier Snowpark will again be in La Chaux for the coming winter. Last season saw a well shaped park with a good  lay out. Its not Breckenridge or Mammoth but there are enough features to have fun and progress.

All the Vivid Snowboarding team ride the park on a regular basis.

The Vivid Snowboard team are always on hand to deliver park coaching sessions. There is no restrictions on age or ability , everyone is welcome. Freestyle Snowboarding is a massive part of our sport and  we want you to get the most out of your park time. Come take a park session VIVID



The summer in Europe has finished and winter is fast approaching. Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are getting geared up for our second winter and already looking forward to the lifts opening. For our October update it looks like the first weekend of November for  the lifts opening.

Our team has expanded to include the new faces of James Brockbanks . He is one of the most experienced coaches and most gifted riders out there.  He holds his top British instructing and coaching qualifications and has spent his summer getting qualified as a personal trainer.

After spending a couple of winters away in Innsbruck , James is joining us back in Verbier where he has spent nine winters . This amount of time spent on the mountain combined with his natural skills for riding and coaching means he will be an amazing edition to the Vivid Snowboard Team.

Up and coming talent Oscar Conway is also joining the Vivid Snowboarding team for the 2012/2013 winter. After coaching Oscar on an Instructor training programme a few winters back I immediately saw that he had a deft touch on his board . Oscar has a huge passion for both riding and spinning a few tunes. He will be available to edit movies to his own produced tunes on our GO-PRO edit product as well coaching on the mountain every day. Look out for Oscar in the park, he goes big!

Check out team profiles here TEAM

Look out for further updates on our blog as the winter draws nearer.




Key ingredients : Be comfortable riding both regular and switch, with this trick you will be taking off switch and landing regular. It’s the last part to a front side 360, so if you have those dialled this will come naturally. The beauty of this trick is that it can be learnt on the piste reducing the danger factor and keeping the confidence high. Once mastered on the slopes it can then be taken to the park or backcountry.
Here we are going to focus on the trick being played around with on a nice gentle, open slope.
A good starting place for this trick would be to ride  along an  easy traverse switch, gently pressuring and gripping on the toe edge. While in the traverse practise a few centred exercises of popping off both feet at the same time and landing centred. Once this skill has been mastered and the timing of the movements is slick then we can add the rotation.
Feel focused and relaxed and again visualise yourself performing the trick before you attempt the manoeuvre.
Here we want to pop off both feet. We don’t want a huge amount of throw as we only want to be rotating 180 degrees. To begin the rotation you will want to turn your head, shoulders and upper body switch backside towards the switch tail of your board. Use your eyes to look at your switch tail, add the pop and the board will come around underneath you.
The air time on the slope will be fairly small but try and bring your knees up towards your body and stay compacted. Knees out over your feet ,triangle shape beneath for that all important solid feel.
The focus here is to land centred in the middle of the board. Landing flat base and then rolling onto a working edge or landing directly on the toe edge which will be a slightly more precise ninja like movement. Don't open up the eye line too early as you don't want to over rotate the trick. When you land you want to be using your eyeline to look at the tail of your board which will help block the rotation.

Once all these phases are coming together, KEEP PRACTISING and working hard to make the trick as smooth and effortless as possible.


Top Tip: Dry land practising without being strapped in can really help you master the rotation. Try this at the start of the day as part of your warm up routine.

For freestyle coaching in Verbier please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.

warm up session


Warm up Session

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we take our riding seriously and therefore before any slidding happens we get warmed up properly.

The duration of a warm up should last anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Dynamic movements and activities are preferred over static stretching. Post riding time stretches should be more static looking at both developmental and maintance style stretches.

The two major reasons for a warm up session before riding time is to increase our heart rate and allow the muscles to warm before exercising hence lowering the risk of injury.

After a good warm up session off the board its worth taking a few runs on your board . Often individuals will have their own system or routine. Popping ollies and nollies is a good way to get the leg muscles working. Its also woth playing around with popping off both feet and landing centered as well as playing around with rotational movements and riding switch. If you are on a mountain that you know ,it might be a specific run with some interesting features that helps you get into the day.

Warm up runs may vary depending on the type of day that is occuring on the mountain. If for example your heading to the snowpark then the warm up will be specific to freestyle riding. However if the day has a more backcountry flavour to it then a run through the  chopped up variables might be on the menu.

Look out for fitness tips on our You tube channel  VIVID

Whatever kind of riding day you are planning on the mountain come and take a session with Vivid Snowboarding , a new breed of Snowboard School in Verbier, Switzerland.

We offer the very best coaching and teaching on the mountain. Check out all our lessons here in VIVID


end of winter with Vivid snowboarding


End of winter

It's been the last busy period of the winter and all the Vivid Snowboarding team have again been out coaching on the hill. Bad weather has been bringing great snow conditions up top. Mont Gele and Mont Fort have seen some deep snow cover. The park has seen some new features. The park crew have changed the two black transfer jumps and made one monster kicker. They have also shaped a few new rail lines. Once the weather improves the Vivid Snowboarding team will be out there. Check out our You tube for action VIVID

All the team are here until the end of winter so we'll be busy shooting photos and filming for new material. We are constantly getting new material to keep our product fresh. It's important to us that  not only are we delivering the very best in tuition, coaching and guiding in Verbier, that we are constantly developing as snowboarders. It is very much a team ethos that when we are not working we are out riding.

If you want any kind of snowboarding instructing and coaching please get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. Please have a look at all our lesson options here VIVID


a new breed of snowboard school in Verbier