Summer Camps 2019, Vivid Snowboarding will be in Cervinia, Italy for the last two weeks of July. Our summer camps will take place on the Zermatt/Cervinia glacier and our open to all levels. The glacier itself is the largest rideable glacier in Europe. It places host to the Gravity Snowpark which has features for everyone.

On snow coaching runs from Monday through until Friday and afternoons can be spent chilling out in the beautiful village of Cervinia. If your wanting a little more action then there are plenty of activities to keep busy. These range from Mountain biking to hiking and trail running.

Most days start with an amazing breakfast in the hotel followed by cable car and gondola lift rides up to the glacier. The group will snowboard from 8.00am through to 2pm when the glacier closes. The glacier has an amazing amount of terrain for a summer resort. Their are drag lifts which will transport riders around the glacier and quick park laps are on!

Camps will be taking place on the following dates

22nd July 2019 - 26th July 2019

29th July 2019 - 2nd August 2019

We will be staying in the four star Hotel Europa which offers an incredible level of comfort and relaxation.

Check out our camps page SUMMER CAMPS

Please get in touch for more details for summer camps 2019 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Phone Rob on 0041 792838735

or email

We look forward to hearing from you for Summer camps 2019 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier.

For up to date weather in Cervinia check Snow-forecast here Forecast Cervinia




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Frontside 360 One of the most iconic feel good tricks out there and is a must in any rider’s arsenal. The movements for this trick can be learnt on a slope or small side hits and then taken to the park or backcountry. The trick can be performed off both the toe and heel edge. Here we are going to be focusing on the heel version off a park kicker.

Find a kicker that you feel comfortable hitting. By this I mean you have a good measure of the speed needed to hit the sweet spot of the landing and you’ve gauged the shape of the take off. On the run in try and feel yourself relaxed, centred and focused on the approaching take off. Make sure your weight is even over both the back and front foot. Keep the ankles , knees and hips slightly flexed and upper body aligned.  The run in wants to be timed so you have rolled your board onto the heel edge for take off. The heel edge will be your platform to pop from.

Here we are looking to pop off the heel edge. By popping off the kicker this will add to the balance needed in the air. If you allow yourself to just ride off the kicker the trick will not be solid or balanced. Pop! A combination of movements has to happen at this point , this is where your set will be important. When you are popping into the trick you will want some pre rotation and then you want to throw your head, shoulders, arms and core front side. The trick its self will need more energy than a front side 180 but don’t throw too hard.

Once airborne you will want to stay as compact as possible. Think about bringing your knees to nipples and holding yourself in a relaxed position, knees out over your feet. Always looking to make smooth effortless movements as this will bring your style points up. Grabs can add stability into the trick. Think about a basic grab like the indy or melon to help this process. Keep looking over your leading shoulder, don’t open the head up too much.

Now the all important landing . Here you want to be blocking the trick with your eyeline. It is a trick that you will be looking back up the landing . You can almost look through your legs. Bring the landing gear down beneath you and land on those bolts.

Rob Norton frontside 360 indy[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Come join us this winter for a freestyle session or camp and get your frontside 360 on lock , check out the option here VIVID

VIVID KIDS Little Riders

VIVID KIDS  Little Riders

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are offering a new kids programme for the start of winter 2013/14.

Are aim is to encourage more youngsters to get involved in Snowboarding and take up riding at a younger age.

Our approach is to make all sessions fun and enjoyable in a safe learning environment. Kids will learn in different ways to adults and will not be able to balance and co-ordinate movements as well initially. The expectation should not be to be launching perfect BS 540’s within a week it should be to gain board control and begin to build a solid skill foundation while enjoying each session. FUN IS KEY. Early sessions will focus on playful games and getting used to sliding on snow.

The industry has moved forward leaps and bounds in the last few winters to get more kids on snow. Single strap bindings , Velcro boots , better water proof clothing to combat more snow contact are just a handful of new products. All are aimed at making the learning process easier and more fun.

So we want to offer our Vivid Kids product to everyone. If you feel like your 3 year old would enjoy a two hour slide around then bring them along.

Check out our sessions here VIVID

All our Vivid Snowboard team are on hand to introduce your kids to boarding. It might just be a small taster session on the nursery slope or it could be a week long programme . Please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding to discuss options. We are always here to help with any enquiries and can help you get kitted out in resort.

We look forward to hearing from you soon



Check out KYLE MACK who first got on a board at two years old.

This lad started riding at two years old

WINTER 2013 in Bruson

Winter 2013 in Bruson is going to be awesome thanks to the new accessed lift.

All the Vivid Snowboarding team are looking forward to the new lift link between Verbier and Bruson. It will allow quick access to what has been described in the past as one of the hidden gems of the Alps. No longer will you have to ride the bus across the Valley floor its a question of riding the gondola all the way


Bruson has a rustic charm about its slopes and some amazing off piste riding . It is a great option for flat days as the tress help to give definition in bad light. For an area with just a handful of lifts it has a vast amount of terrain to ride.

When conditions allow you can ride through the forest on tracks right back into Le Chable. From here you can head back up into Verbier or head back up into Bruson for another lap.

Even with the European heat wave in full effect here at Vivid Snowboarding we are getting geared up for our third winter in Verbier. We are excited about seeing you all back in Verbier and working with you again.

Come take a freeride session with us this winter. Winter 2013 in Bruson, we can show you everything the mountain has to offer VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding prides itself on being the only independent Snowboard School in Verbier. We offer the highest quality instructing and guiding Image

in resort.

Vivid Snowboarding Instructor Richy enjoying some snowy tree action in Bruson

2013 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

2013 Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

All the team have been busy coaching  throughout December. The  resort has seen a huge volume of people on the mountain. Vivid snowboarding has been coaching in some of the best off-piste conditions seen this early on for about 20 years in the Alps. Good early season snow in resort is awesome news. The high altitude rocky terrain begins to get covered.  Check snow conditions here VIVID

2013 Vivid Snwboarding Verbier

Early winter snow has lead to the Verbier snowpark being built. The park already has a good mixture of features. From boxes and rails to blue and  red kickers. If you are after freestyle instruction or backcountry coaching please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. You can check out our products here VIVID

We pride ourselves on being the only independent snowboard school in Verbier. Come join for a session delivered by pure snowboard instructors. Other schools in resort will often have ski instructors who do a little snowboarding on the side. Don't waste your money come take a session with us.

All the Vivid Snowboarding team are highly gifted and well qualified. They all have years of experience in the industry


Ultimate Session

Verbier still has amazing snow conditons as the end of the season is fast approaching, its time for the Ultimate session Verbier. Its been a great first winter for us here at vivid snowboarding. We pride ourselves on being the only independant snowboard school in Verbier offering the very highest quality snowboard teaching, coaching and guiding.

If you are looking to take part in some snowboarding exams this spring. BASI snowboarding still have places left in some of their level one, level two and level three Snowboard groups which will be running in Zermatt. Why not come and tech that next level before next winter.

Vivid snowboarding offers instruction and coaching for every level and age groups, so please keep checking our site for future products and camps CAMPS

The weekend will see the Ultimate Session Verbier takes place in the Verbier snowpark , so if you fancy sliding over a giant pond then this is the place to be. Plenty of fun to be had for all the family.

All the team are doing various activities and jobs this summer. Good luck to Chris at Oxford, enjoy Amsterdam Richy and we wish Craig a speedy recovery on a knee injury.

A big thankyou to all the boys for making vivid snowboarding what it is. We are already looking forward to getting back to it next winter. If you are looking for any private coaching then don't hesitate to get in touch over the summer. We can offer coaching inn snow domes and on glaciers across Europe.


Vivid Snowboarding in Verbier has been snowboard coaching in the Verbier park. The team have also been taking clients into some of the amazing backcountry Verbier has to offer. Check out all lesson options here RIDING OPTIONS

The Snowpark has been great in the last few days. The top red kicker seems good and then the three red kickers in a row lower down are also nice. The other features have been well shaped and the park team are getting the black kickers ready for the weekend. They are having to blow more snow to make the landings steep enough. More snow is expected so if your after some snowboard coaching off-piste or in the park come and take a session with vivid snowboarding.

You can check out the conditions in Verbier via the following link SNOW

The Verbier snowpark do not do any earth works during the summer. This means the park needs snow for it to be able to be shaped. A good amount of snow always means a good park in Verbier.

Verbier have been investing in good snow making machines in the last few years. By the end of the Autumn when the temperatures begin to drop they will fire up the snow guns.


Vivid Snowboarding in Verbier


Instructor Training Program

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering up and coming instructors the opportunity for focused training before BASI snowboarding exams. Rob Norton has been a trainer and examiner for the last six years and has delivered and examined programmes in NZ , Europe , Argentina and Japan.

This wealth of experience combined with a passion for developing riders brings a new product which can help you through the qualification process. This is not your typical trainee instructor programme where you are offered the whole package of accommodation, food etc

We give you the responsibility to manage your time off the mountain and then we train you into be an awesome instructor on the hill

We are offering the bare essential coaching on the mountain. We will also allow you to shadow snowboard school lessons as well as take part in our in house instructor development programme. We feel this product will put you in a great position to tackle your exams and gain that next level qualification.

All our on mountain training sessions will be directly looking at the BASI snowboarding content.

Check out the Instructor Training  program here VIVID

For more information please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding.

Tel: +41 792838735


The inception of Vivid

It was our huge, undying passion for snowboarding that was the driving force behind the inception of vivid.

We love to snowboard.

Welcome to a new breed of snowboard school. Our experienced, dedicated and devoted coaches are ready to make this trip to Verbier your best ever.

Check out the resort of Verbier here VERBIER

If it's your first time on a board or a tenth year riding the epic terrain of Verbier, we promise two things when taking our tailored sessions: progress and fun.

We hope you leave loving snowboarding as much as us. Please keep an eye out for up dates on our blog and all our social media channels. The Vivid Snowboarding product will being growing in the direction you the client what to take it.  We will evolve and grow with you.

The inception of Vivid Snowboarding has come about because of the need for a 100% pure, independent snowboard school. Check out our lesson option here VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding provides everything at the heart of snowboarding. All our team are pure snowboarders and we are breaking away from the mould of skiing first snowboarding second. To be good at a skill you have to practice, learn and have fun progressing all the time.