Five reasons to join the Vivid Snowboarding Summer camp


Five reasons to join the Vivid Snowboarding Summer camp check it out

- The gravity snowpark on the Zermatt/Cervinia glacier is the largest park in Europe during the summer months. Its the perfect location to grow your freestyle game or just cruise around the awesome glacier.  The park has features for all levels of rider with plenty of mellow kickers and box features. The park also has bigger features for the more advanced freestyler rider. World class riders use the park as a summer training ground.

- Mid summer riding is super fun. Long sunny mornings spent riding with afternoons spent chilling in the resort and surrounding mountains. Progression and fun for all.

- We stay in the newly renovated Hotel Petite Palais. The rooms are all on suite. The breakfast is exceptionally tasty and substantial. The hotel is extremely close to the main lift, this means getting to and from the glacier is super easy. The hotel also has breath taking views of the Matterhorn mountain.

- Vivid Snowboarding coaches will be on hand to help raise your overall riding skills. We take a relaxed approach to coaching and we make sure that the coaches to client ratio is very low so everyone gets individual care and attention. Each session is filmed and photographed and everyone gets that quality snap for their social media.

- The village of Cervinia is lovely during the summer. There are plenty of afternoon activities to get involved with if you still have some energy left after riding. The mountain biking is amazing and there are endless running and hiking trails. The village has a skateboard park, tennis and a golf course. If you are looking to chill and get some sun then the village has great bars, shops and restaurants which are worth walking around.

Check out the tourist office site Tourist Office

PERFORMANCE CLINICS - Vivid Snowboarding

PERFORMACE CLINICS - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier


Our new performance clinics are designed for you to get the most out of your time on the hill, these run from first lift to last lift with your instructor. Our 2day format will get stoked and looking at your own performance in a different way.

The aim is to link your the mind, body and board so they  working together. This  link will take you from being a recreational rider to a more accomplished and confident rider. Giving you the skills to charge everything on the mountain.

We will break down and look at everything from stance width and angel to equipment choice and injected the correct inputs on every aspect of your riding where it is needed.

Small group sizes will ensure that private session feel. Personal rider development is our priority. Whether this is an early season weekend refresher or a mid-winter fixer, this will inject new style and rhythm into your riding.

Sessions will vary depending on the conditions of the day. We will always match the style of riding to what the mountain offers. If it’s a blower powder day then freeriding it is and if its sunny and groomed in the snowpark then park laps are on.

Come join us for the very first performance clinic on the opening weekend 30th November – 1st December 2019. The weekend should be awesome with plenty going on up on the mountain. Check out our Website for more details Performance clinics

Performance clinics will run through out the winter so please get in contact for a chat and to learn more.

Keep an eye on weather conditions in Verbier WEATHER FORECAST

Vivid Snowboarding trick tip : frontside 180 - Verbier Snowboard School.


Vivid Snowboarding trick tip : frontside 180 - Verbier Snowboard School.

One of the most underrated tricks in Snowboarding.  A simple trick, done well it can show the true sign of a stylish, accomplished rider.

The basics of the trick are taking off regular and then landing switch. It will be one of the first rotations learnt but will take time, energy and love to perfect.

Once mastered , it’s is  great for testing that first rotation of a slightly bigger kicker or trying a spin in the backcountry.  The trick can be performed off the toe or heel edge.


On the run into the kicker you want to keep that central feel on your board. Don’t allow the weight to be too over the front foot or be sitting back over the tail. Think a nice 50% on the front and 50% on the back foot.

Keep the upper body relaxed , aligned , strong core and the eyes focusing on the kicker.

We want to be timing our run in so we have rolled onto the heel edge at point of take off .

Hold the line off the kicker and pop  , don’t be too hasty and rotate too early. A frontside 180 is a small rotation  so you don’t need to throw the trick too hard on takeoff.  Remember to throw the head , shoulders, core at the same time , these movements want to blend together


Stay relaxed and compact in the air . Push your knees out over your boots to create that all important triangle shape or house with the lower half of the body. Try and make movements that are smooth and stylish.

Grabs can add stability into any trick . The picture below shows the rider grabbing melon which helps with the rotation.

Keep your eye line watching the spot you want to land on. If you open the head up and keep looking around with the rotation then you will over rotate the trick. By locking the eye line on the spot you want to land then you will block the rotation and land on this spot.

Come join us for a freestyle session and master your frontside 180 FREESTYLE SESSION


Verbier Snowboard School blog


Vivid Snowboarding the Snowboard School Verbier will be offering specific freestyle camps this coming winter.

The Verbier Snowboard School has put together a five day freestyle camp that aims to build both your technical riding and over all confidence in riding the snowpark.

Initial sessions will look at flat land progressions and becoming comfortable with popping the board off both edges and being able to power up and jump off both the nose and tail. Basic rotational work will also be added looking at buttering the board as well as performing all the 180 rotations. We aim to add a freestyle flavour to your everyday riding.

Verbier is the perfect playground with plenty of altitude that guarantees the snow until the end of April and a modern fast lift system which means more riding time.This added to the park in La Chaux which is shaped daily and has a good progression of features for all levels means Verbier has the perfect freestyle mix for progression and fun.

We will be building backcountry kickers if conditions allow and we have cameras and drones on standby so everyone gets an edit of the camp

Check out the dates below

13th February 2017 - 17th February 2017
6th March 2017 - 10th March 2017
20th March 2017 - 24th March 2017
3rd April 2017 - 7th April 2017

Drop us a line to find out more details or 0041 792838735sel-7654

Vivid Snowboarding, The specialist snowboard school in Verbier

Come join one of our Freestyle camps


Snowboard Summer Camps in Cervinia

Learn and progress this summer. Join our Vivid Snowboarding summer camp in Cervinia, Italy. The camps are park/freestyle orientated and are open to anyone of intermediate standard and above.

The Zermatt/Cervinia glacier is the largest summer riding area in Europe. The mountain plays host to the gravity Snow park with a huge variety of kickers, rails, boxes and features.

The park shapers are some of the best in the industry. and they are usually creative and playful with their design.

Each week is priced at £6oo and includes:

  • Five full days coaching
  • Lift pass
  • Half board accommodation
  • Afternoon workshops.

Mornings will be spent shredding and progressing on the mountain. While afternoons can be spent chilling and relaxing in the village or getting involved in one of the many activities on offer.

For more details get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding 0041 792838735

or email us at


November 2014 update.

After a classic Indian summer across Europe the weather patterns are on the change and it looks like the Alps are going to get a good fall of snow over the next few days.

Televerbier are keen to open Lac De Veaux as soon as the slope is covered and it looks like Saturday 8th November is the start date for Verbier. The lifts will only be open at weekends during November and will open fully for business on the 29th November.

If you are after weekend coaching throughout November don't hesitate to get in touch. There is plenty of terrain to work on different aspects of your riding and its a great time to get some mileage into the legs.

Vivid Snowboarding  offers private, freestyle , off-piste and kids lessons.

Vivid Snowboarding, A New Breed Of Snowboard School.

MARCH 2014

March 2014

Verbier has seen some tropical weather of late with temperatures rising to over 20c. The warm conditions have been perfect for a few park sessions and we delivered our first park edit of the season which you can catch on our facebook page.

The park 9 contest was another success but due to all the team coaching and teaching we had no one competing this winter.

The finals of the world freeride tour have been delayed until mid week due to adverse weather conditions.

Good luck to local lads Xavier De La Rue and Sam Smoothy.

Verbier has been gripped by a winter storm that has pushed temperatures down and snow has arrived back in resort after a warm spell.

Anything Snowboard in Verbier please get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding , we pride ourselves on the being the number one Snowboard School in Verbier.

Vivid Snowboarding , a new breed of Snowboard School.



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Frontside 360 One of the most iconic feel good tricks out there and is a must in any rider’s arsenal. The movements for this trick can be learnt on a slope or small side hits and then taken to the park or backcountry. The trick can be performed off both the toe and heel edge. Here we are going to be focusing on the heel version off a park kicker.

Find a kicker that you feel comfortable hitting. By this I mean you have a good measure of the speed needed to hit the sweet spot of the landing and you’ve gauged the shape of the take off. On the run in try and feel yourself relaxed, centred and focused on the approaching take off. Make sure your weight is even over both the back and front foot. Keep the ankles , knees and hips slightly flexed and upper body aligned.  The run in wants to be timed so you have rolled your board onto the heel edge for take off. The heel edge will be your platform to pop from.

Here we are looking to pop off the heel edge. By popping off the kicker this will add to the balance needed in the air. If you allow yourself to just ride off the kicker the trick will not be solid or balanced. Pop! A combination of movements has to happen at this point , this is where your set will be important. When you are popping into the trick you will want some pre rotation and then you want to throw your head, shoulders, arms and core front side. The trick its self will need more energy than a front side 180 but don’t throw too hard.

Once airborne you will want to stay as compact as possible. Think about bringing your knees to nipples and holding yourself in a relaxed position, knees out over your feet. Always looking to make smooth effortless movements as this will bring your style points up. Grabs can add stability into the trick. Think about a basic grab like the indy or melon to help this process. Keep looking over your leading shoulder, don’t open the head up too much.

Now the all important landing . Here you want to be blocking the trick with your eyeline. It is a trick that you will be looking back up the landing . You can almost look through your legs. Bring the landing gear down beneath you and land on those bolts.   Rob Norton frontside 360 indy[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


SNOW PARK SAFETY - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Vivid snowboarding

Here are some specific safety points to be aware of when riding park.

1. Features will be clearly labelled like the piste. Starting at green which will be easiest and finishing with black which are for advanced riders.

2. Always check the feature before attempting to hit it. You may have been taking on the same feature every day for a week but shapes can change overnight so take a look before the start of each session, go for a dry run, riding into features to get the measure of the speed that you require and the shape.

3. Always good to watch other riders hit the feature you want to ride, this way you can get an idea of where to drop in from. Nothing worse than under cooking it but at the same time you don’t want to be sailing over the knuckle still going up!

4. Make sure there is no one on the landing before attempting to hit a feature. If in any doubt don’t go.

5. Never try something too far outside your comfort zone, remember to always be in control. Ever body loves a hero but be careful as your best day ever can turn into your worst in a split second.

6. Alert other park users that you are dropping into a feature this could be done by a simple hand in the air or by shouting dropping.

7. If you do fall, try and move away from the landing zone as quickly as possible so you are visible and in a safe place.

8.If a feature is closed don't hit it!

9.If you witness an accident or are involved in one , go through the correct steps. Make area safe, make sure casualty is comfortable and inform the park crew of what has happened.

10. Always have respect for others.


Vivid Snowboarding , The specialist Snowboard School

VIVID SNOWBOARDING LATEST - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier

Vivid Snowboarding Latest

Verbier late afternoon

Vivid Snowboarding latest news from Verbier.Early November has bought the first significant snowfalls of the winter. The last week has seen snow above and beyond mid station and the snow line is in the village. These early season dumps are great for creating that all important base.

The new uniforms have arrived and are currently being branded ready for the official start weekend which is the first weekend of December. Look out for a slight variation in our gear this winter but it’s still staying fairly close to the vivid snowboarding colours from the last two winters.

All the team are super excited as the winter is fast approaching. The lifts opened over the weekend and will continue to do so over the next  month.

The rumour mill is always a little rife during pre season but there seems to be a fair bit of noise regarding the Verbier Snowpark. If the rumours serve us correctly there looks to be a slightly more beginner friendly park between the old existing park and the slow four man chairlift which will be a great teaching and coaching tool. The large park is set for a facelift with planned investment hopefully having the knock on effect of better features and more shapers which can only be positive for Verbier.

The Vivid Snowboarding team prides its self on personal development in all areas of riding. This helps to keep our snowboard product the very best in Verbier. We believe by being able to ride all different types of terrain it strengthens  our ability to deliver the best instructing and coaching on the mountain. Look out for some Go pro park and backcountry edits this coming winter.

If you are after an introductory session to park riding or you are looking to expand your bag of tricks. Please get in touch with us here at Vivid Snowboarding to talk through different options.