VIVID KIDS  Little Riders

Here at Vivid Snowboarding we are offering a new kids programme for the start of winter 2013/14.

Are aim is to encourage more youngsters to get involved in Snowboarding and take up riding at a younger age.

Our approach is to make all sessions fun and enjoyable in a safe learning environment. Kids will learn in different ways to adults and will not be able to balance and co-ordinate movements as well initially. The expectation should not be to be launching perfect BS 540’s within a week it should be to gain board control and begin to build a solid skill foundation while enjoying each session. FUN IS KEY. Early sessions will focus on playful games and getting used to sliding on snow.

The industry has moved forward leaps and bounds in the last few winters to get more kids on snow. Single strap bindings , Velcro boots , better water proof clothing to combat more snow contact are just a handful of new products. All are aimed at making the learning process easier and more fun.

So we want to offer our Vivid Kids product to everyone. If you feel like your 3 year old would enjoy a two hour slide around then bring them along.

Check out our sessions here VIVID

All our Vivid Snowboard team are on hand to introduce your kids to boarding. It might just be a small taster session on the nursery slope or it could be a week long programme . Please get in contact with us here at Vivid Snowboarding to discuss options. We are always here to help with any enquiries and can help you get kitted out in resort.

We look forward to hearing from you soon



Check out KYLE MACK who first got on a board at two years old.

This lad started riding at two years old