Instructor training

Vivid Snowboarding is already planning the very highest quality instructor training programme for next winter. We are hoping to create an academy style product looking to qualify up and coming instructors into the BASI snowboard system. Check out the basi snowboarding pathway here BASI

Vivid Snowboarding will be offering coaching and guidance through the BASI level 1 and 2 snowboard exam process. Check out our instructor training here VIVID

BASI snowboarding has 4 levels of qualification. The level one is five days. Level two is ten. Vivid Snowboarding will also be offering coaching for the level 3 qualification. The technical level 3 is the hardest part of the basi snowboarding product. Each rider will have to perform at or above the technical criteria.

The level 3 park criteria is as follows:

  • Flatland – Skills (including switch) involving presses, ollies/nollies, BS/FS 180 + combining tricks
  • Kickers (+8 Metre) – Perform straight airs with at least 2 grab variations, both BS/FS 180s + a 360
  • Box features (straight) – Perform Nose and Tail Presses and both FS and BS Boardslides
  • Pipe– Riding the walls and taking air at the coping


Keep up to date with us on our blogs and on facebook and we will give you more information soon on what will be the very best snowboard instructor training programme in Europe.