Core exercise for snowboarding

The beginning of the winter is fast approaching and to hit the ground running its important to have your body in top condition. You don’t want to be downloading on a powder day in early December because of fatigue.

Through the coming week we are going to be dropping a few fitness tips to get you in shape.

Here we are going to be looking at  a core exercise for snowboarding. This really breaks down to stomach muscles and lower back(abdominal, obliques) Being able to engage and release your core during riding is an essential skill for effective and efficient shredding.

Think of the core as your centre where all your upper body limbs and lower body limbs will be activated from. When you are riding effectively and efficiently the core will be engaged and strong. Particularly when the going gets a little tougher this when we will need that extra strength.


Below Sam is working on a specific exercise that isolates and works on the obliques.

Firstly he hangs with his palms facing outward.

Legs together he brings the knees up the right hand side, then shifts across the body and drops down the left hand side. This is repeated starting on the left hand side.

Try and make big circles when performing the exercise and add in a cheeky pull up to mix things up.

This will help with your overall snowboard performance. Check out all our lesson options here OPTIONS

There are three different approaches you need to be a good rounded snowboarder. Your technical ability has to be good, your mental approach strong and overall fitness levels great.

The body will be working harder at altitude, check out the height of Verbier VERBIER in the heart of Valais, Switzerland