10 Freeride Pack Essential’s

Here are the 10 Freeride pack essential’s that you need for a day out in the mountains

  • Avalanche Transceiver – Know how to use and make sure it’s got strong battery supply for your day. Come take an intro to freeriding session and get comfortable and confident with using your transceiver SESSION
  • Snow Shovel – Strong, durable and lightweight. Try and avoid plastic shovels, you are going to want it tough enough to cut through hard snow and debris.
  • Probe – Essential and super important in an avalanche situation when someone is berried. With a probe the average rescue time is 11minutes without its 25minutes. Those extra 15 minutes could be critical for the buried person
  • Water – Always stay hydrated in the mountain. Dehydration leads to 10% loss in skill level / concentration.
  • Snacks – Bring nuts, energy bars and anything to keep yourself going.
  • Spare Clothing – Always bring another layer in your bag. Something warm incase the day turns nasty. Worth taking spare inners and a buff.
  • Change of eyewear – Nice to bring a pair of sunglasses to wear for any hiking. A change of lens is well worth packing incase the light changes or your having problems with one lens. Remember pink, orange and yellow are great for flat light. Look at Spektrum for all your eyewear needs SPEKTRUM
  • Tool kit/Duck tape – A mini screw driver for those moments when the bindings are loose and your in the middle of nowhere about to drop in! Keep making suer those bindings are tweaked, strong and secure. The secret duck tape stash that can mend a broken boot or make a set of binding ridable again.
  • First Aid Kit – All basics and mountain Blanket.
  • Phone – Your phone will work throughout the mountains. Have this charged as cold temperatures can effect battery life. Mountain Rescue number in Switzerland is 144

If you are looking to venture off-piste then why not take a snowboard guide with you. Here at Vivid snowboarding we have the very best off-piste coaches and guides. Please get in contact for more information VIVID