Here at vivid snowboarding in Verbier, Switzerland we take our snowboarding fitness extremely seriously. This dosn't mean a quick 5 minute stactic stretch before a day on the hill. We look at dynamic warm up sessions and fitness packages that will have you riding harder, longer and faster. We focus on lower body strength as well as the ever important core strength.  The fitter you are the better your snowboarding will be. If you start winter in a good physical condition you will be spending longer days on the mountain making more turns as you go.

General cardio is great for snowboarding. Think about all your different options and go with what you like doing the most. Try mixing up running, hiking, biking and swimming. Find a balance between these exercises and look to get yourself in great condition.

It is one of the areas that individuals Ignore before a winter holiday or a weekend trip

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Backside 180. Trick difficulty; easy.
Whenever the question is ask to the season pro what is your favourite trick? time and time again they will answer BS180. It’s essentially a feel good trick that requires a small amount of rotation as your only rotating your body and board 180 degrees. It is the progression on from simple straight airs and grabs. Progression is the key to enjoying riding. The trick tip backside 180 !
The beauty about learning small rotational tricks is that they can be learnt, practised and mastered on a mellow slope before taking them into the park. By taking away the fear factor of the park one can learn this trick in a safe and fun environment and be building the ever important confidence all the time.
The level indicator.
A rider must be confident in their ability to be able to ride blue and red runs both regular and switch. This is important because when performing the trick you will be taking off in your regular position and you will be putting the trick down in Switch and riding away.
Terrain type; Nice wide open piste.
Step 1
Begin by standing centred on your board and by this I mean keep your weight distributed evenly over both feet. Imagine an invisible line going from the centre of your hips to the central position between your bindings .It’s Important here to flex at both the ankle and knees and stay relaxed, you should be gripping on your toe edge.
Step 2
Now comes the popping part of the trick which is really the energy required to perform the manoeuvre. Here you want to pop off both feet bringing the board up to and at the same time turning your head, shoulders and upper body in a backside direction. It’s important here to keep the eye line looking towards the tail of the board or back up the hill, this will help block the rotation and allow you not to over spin your trick.
Step 3
For landing the trick you want to put the board down as softly as you can , using those ankle and knee joints to really absorb and suck up the landing. The trick can be landed on the toe edge or put down onto the flat base then rolled onto a working edge. Ride away switch and remember not to revert around to your regular position as switch riding is the business!
Having practised and repeated this trick you will be ready to take it to the park. Like any snowboard trick it has endless possibilities in ways of grabbing, styling, delaying , poking and tweaking. Enjoy.

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Heavy snowfall


Vivid snowboarding has been enjoying the biggest dump of snow to hit the Alps in a few winters. All the top half of the mountain is still closed due to massive snowfall Verbier.  Trees are beginning to fall over due to the sheer weight of snow. The team has been busy with clients over the weekend and the resort is beginning to fill up with Christmas on its way. The conditions are set to be amazing and the sun is going to shine by the end of the week.

If you are looking for amazing early winter snow the its here in resort. come out for a long weekend or take that early winter week away.

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Vivid Snowboarding offers all styles of snowboard lessons in Verbier. If you are a day one beginner wanting to experience your first few turns on a board or a seasoned pro we have the very best instructors in Verbier. All the Vivid Snowboarding team are super experienced and they will turn an average day on the hill into a great day

The inception of Vivid

It was our huge, undying passion for snowboarding that was the driving force behind the inception of vivid.

We love to snowboard.

Welcome to a new breed of snowboard school. Our experienced, dedicated and devoted coaches are ready to make this trip to Verbier your best ever.

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If it's your first time on a board or a tenth year riding the epic terrain of Verbier, we promise two things when taking our tailored sessions: progress and fun.

We hope you leave loving snowboarding as much as us. Please keep an eye out for up dates on our blog and all our social media channels. The Vivid Snowboarding product will being growing in the direction you the client what to take it.  We will evolve and grow with you.

The inception of Vivid Snowboarding has come about because of the need for a 100% pure, independent snowboard school. Check out our lesson option here VIVID

Vivid Snowboarding provides everything at the heart of snowboarding. All our team are pure snowboarders and we are breaking away from the mould of skiing first snowboarding second. To be good at a skill you have to practice, learn and have fun progressing all the time.