Vivid Snowboarding Freestyle camps will be running during the February holiday season and the Easter holidays.

The five day camps are the perfect way to raise your freestyle skills and to become comfortable and confident with riding the snowpark.

The Verbier snowpark has features for all levels of rider. The progressive nature of the park really helps to improve your riding. There is a superb mixture of snowpark features. These range from a fluid line of blue kickers, red kickers and black booters to ride on boxes and more advanced rails and jib features.

All the Vivid Snowboarding freestyle coaches are very experienced park riders and coaches. They will  be able to get the very best out of you and you’re riding.

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A typical day might start with warming up a few of the basic freestyle tricks like the ollie and nollie. These could be linked into pressing the board and generally getting a solid feel for the board and the snow conditions. This could then lead onto a flatland 180 session getting comfortable with both landing and taking off switch.

By mid-morning when the body is sufficiently warmed up its time for a few snowparks laps. These could focus on getting comfortable riding both kickers, boxes and rails. Riders will start with becoming comfortable with straight airs then moving onto grabbed tricks.

Once a rider becomes comfortable with grabs then its time to take some spins off the jumps!

All sessions will be filmed and Instagram edits and posts will be had by all.

Please get in contact for more information on our CAMPS

Vivid Snowboarding is the specialist snowboard school in Verbier.