The FRONTSIDE 360 is one of the most feel good tricks out there and is a must in any rider’s arsenal.

The Movements

The MOVEMENTS for this trick can be learnt on a slope or small side hits and then taken to the park or backcountry. The trick can be performed off the toe and heel edge. Here we are going to be focusing on the HEEL EDGE version off a PARK KICKER.

Find a kicker that you feel comfortable hitting. By this I mean you have a good measure of the speed needed to hit the sweet spot of the landing and you’ve gauged the shape of the take off. On the run in try and feel yourself relaxed, centred and focused on the approaching take off. Keep the ankles , knees and hips slightly flexed and upper body aligned.  The run in wants to be timed so you have rolled your board onto the heel edge for take off.

The HEEL EDGE will be your platform to pop from.
Here we are looking to pop off the heel edge. By POPPING OFF the kicker this will add BALANCE and CONTROL to your trick in the air. If you just ride off the kicker the trick will not be solid or balanced. POP!

A combination of movements has to happen at this point , this is where your set up will be important. When you are popping into the trick HOLD YOUR LINE and you will want to throw your head, shoulders, arms front side and release the spin.The trick itself will need more energy than a front side 180 but don’t throw too hard.


Once AIRBORNE you will want to stay as compact as possible. Think about bringing your knees to nipples and holding yourself in a relaxed position, knees out over your feet. Always looking to make smooth effortless movements as this will bring your style points up. Grabs can add stability into the trick.

Think about a basic grab like the indy or melon. Keep looking over your leading shoulder, don’t open the head up too much.
Now the all important LANDING. Here you want to be blocking the trick with your eyeline. It is a trick that you will be looking back up the landing .

You can almost look through your legs to spot touch down. Bring the landing gear down beneath you and LAND ON THOSE BOLTS.

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