How to become a snowboard instructor with Vivid Snowboarding 

How to become a snowboard instructor with Vivid Snowboarding

Vivid Snowboarding will again be running a 10 week BASI level one and two course in Verbier, Switzerland for winter 2023 - 2024

Vivid snowboarding offers the very best snowboard instructor training course on the market. The program will last for 10 weeks and successful candidates will gain their BASI Level one and two snowboard qualifications. The course is an amazing way of not only becoming qualified, but also a game changer for anyone looking to improve their riding skills. Much of the course program is based around learning how to teach snowboarding. This is the ability to communicate and explain different skills. While having the ability to show the correct movements in a clear and precise demonstration. It is being able to structure lessons with great content while making a session super fun and inclusive.

The trainee snowboard instructor will also learn how to accurately analysis a riders performance. This will be on a given task which will involve understanding the product and being able to give the appropriate feedback.The trainee's riding will be constantly evolving through riding piste, off-piste and snowpark.

The ten week course will transform your riding. Taking the riding back to basics and slowing everything down allows the rider to reshape everything. By understanding your own technical riding you can grow and develop your skills on your snowboard in all areas on the mountain.

Vivid Snowboarding also offers extensive technical training and teacher training for the BASI snowboarding level 3 and 4. This training can easily be transferred into other national systems.

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