A good Body position on the board is essential for effective and efficient riding. Through out this blog we will lay out the ingredients to stand properly on your board.

  • Stance

This starts with the board set up. Our bindings should be a comfortable distance apart. An arms length, so scrunched up fist to elbow along the heel edge of the board between the back binding. Don't go too wide as this can add stress to the body and may result in injury.
Set the bindings up so you’ve got a positive angle on the front foot and a negative on the back. +15 and -15 is a good start. The importance of riding duck is that it allows our body to move freely. When moving the body up and down the hips, knees and ankles will move freely and in unison. Duck stance will also help make switch riding easier. It is always fun to play around with different angles to find something that really works.

  • Body Position


From the board upwards we start with having the ankles, knees and hips soft and flexed. Stand slightly on the outside of the feet where these can rest and push against the bindings. The knees should be flexed out over the feet and the hips stacked over the knees. A house like shape or triangle shape should be created beneath the waist line.  Keep the hips in the middle of the board.


Above the waist line it’s essential to engage the core. Stomach, abdominal muscles and lower back must remain strong. The shoulders should be aligned and the arms relaxed. Your arms are your balancing tool, if you get knocked off balance from anything on the mountain the arms will help rebalance you, while keeping you riding in a strong and confident style.

The head position is very important. This should always be in the direction of travel. If you are a regular rider for example this should be always looking over the left shoulder. Too many riders look down the mountain rather than looking through the turn.

The final ingredient is to stay relaxed. If the body becomes tight and tense then the whole of the riding will have that look and feel. Breath, focus and enjoy

Check out our Youtube to edit to get a full video experience.Body position on the board LINK