Become a qualified Snowboard Instructor with us here at Vivid Snowboarding. We offer 9 week programmes that will take you through your BASI level one and two exams. Our course is designed to take your riding to that next level and transform you into a world class Snowboard Instructor.
Head coach and director of Vivid snowboarding Rob Norton is a current BASI snowboard examiner so you will be learning and progressing from the very best.

We currently offer programmes in Cervinia, Italy and Verbier , Switzerland. Our Cervinia course runs during the summer months and is aimed at those wanting to get qualified and out working for the coming winter. The Verbier course takes place during the winter months and will suit those looking for that more classic winter experience.


Rob Nortonthe founder of Vivid Snowboarding and head coach has 18 years industry experience.   Rob is a current BASI Snowboarder examiner and holds the top British, Swiss and French snowboard licences.    Having examined BASI instructors for the last 10 years he knows what ingredients are needed to make world class instructors.     Having previously run snowboard schools and going on to set up Vivid Snowboarding in 2011, Rob has sifted through 100’s of CVs in his time.  He knows what is needed to help gain that all important first instructing job.

Rob Norton, “I have worked globally training and examining up and coming instructors and really feel the Vivid Snowboarding product is 100% snowboarder thought out.   Without wanting to sound too cheesey, it’s a snowboarders snowboard course.   From running a successful snowboard school in Verbier, I know what I’m looking for when employing an instructor.   This course is designed with that in mind.   We aim to make you a great snowboarder, awesome teacher and super employable in the industry.   We are a snowboard school doing snowboard training, we are not a generic gap provider.”

Our summer programmes will have you qualified and sending out your snowboard specific CV at the beginning of September, in time for all the schools hiring for the coming winter.     If this isn’t what you’re after you can join one of our winter courses in Verbier. The new Express level 2 course has been designed so you can get your level one qualification done in a UK snow dome and then follow this up with the level two exam with all your coaching and shadowing hours thrown into the mix.
We like to take an individual and personal approach to finding the right opportunities in the industry for each trainee.     All too often we see other providers tick the box of guaranteeing jobs that then don’t materialise.   We have second to none contacts across the globe in the industry, and we take the time to sit down with each individual and tailor our recommendations and hook ups to suit each persons’ aspirations and ambitions. We will also provide a digital video portfolio of your riding, not only to court prospective employers, but also as a momento of your time with us. Of course, if we come across a very gifted instructor, we like to snap them up to come and work for Vivid Snowboarding!


Dave Sanders, London



  • 6 weeks intensive snowboard coaching (20 hours a week)
  • BASI level one and two exams
  • First Aid course
  • creation of online C.V with mini edit
  • Extensive contacts with numerous snowboard schools in the northern and southern hemisphere with a possible job at Vivid Snowboarding
  • Off snow fitness sessions delivered by qualified outdoor PT
  • 70+ hours snowboard school experience
  • Backcountry mountain Safety clinic
  • 1 year BASI membership
  • board tuning clinic
  • Child protection module
  • 9 weeks accommodation in resort
  • Breakfast and two course dinner 7 nights a week  (Cervinia)
  • Self catered accommodation in Le Chable (Verbier)



The first week will focus on getting you geared up and ready for your level one exam in Week 2. You will be introduced to the BASI snowboard philosophy and get to grips with some of the important basics.

The first few days is dedicated to learning through repetition of the basic movements and becoming familiar and comfortable with a the BASI terminology. As well as working on your fundamental technical riding you will also have the opportunity to deliver a session on the hill.   As it will be the first time teaching in situ it will be relaxed and fairly informal, but detailed feedback will be given on the structure of your session and how to improve in order to deliver a clear, precise and safe lesson, in order to get through your level one exam.

At the end of each week there will be a one-on-one debrief with the coach so you know how you are progressing and in what areas you might need to work harder. By the end of week one you will feel confident and ready for your level one exam.


This is a five day on-snow exam delivered by a BASI examiner. The technical element will be marked on your central theme, ie, your basic riding; from a straight run manoeuvre to a basic turn and a standard turn. You will also have to perform some simple carve-style turns and  some basic freestyle moves. During the exam you will plan and deliver a short lesson to the rest of the group. The beauty of the BASI style of examining is that it’s a constant assessment of your skills over the 5 day period rather than a single appraisal on an individual run or test.  The BASI examiner will be on hand to coach and guide you through your exam week. If you are unsuccessful in achieving a pass on the exam, it is likely that you will just need a bit more coaching and work before retaking the level again within the 9 week period.

With all the examining process for both the level one and two exams, the trainer will always be looking at the whole instructor package. From how you ride, to how you teach and how you interact with others in the group, to what time you arrive to each session. Remember it’s not just about being an awesome rider, it is about be an awesome Snowboard Instructor.


After the completion of the level one exam you will be straight into training for the level two.

At this point the standard is ramped up and your riding has to become stronger (over the 5 week period) and you will learn to deliver a great variety of lessons. The level one qualification could be looked at as a badge for teaching in a small environment, like a snow dome, where as the level two qualification is geared towards teaching and instructing all over the mountain.

Daily coaching sessions on the hill will be working on your personal riding skills, as well as developing your teaching. Video feedback sessions will be an almost daily exercise, and will help develop your technical riding as well your ability to analyse other people’s riding, which is a key skill to becoming a quality instructor.

During these weeks everyone will complete the child protection module, the mountain-specific first-aid course and the required snowboard school shadowing hours.


This is what you have been training for throughout the course. It will be a 10 day on-snow assessment of your technical riding, your teaching ability and your overall professionalism. Your BASI examiner will need to be able to picture you in a Snowboard school uniform, giving clear, safe and precise instructions to a group of snowboarders, performing technically strong and giving smooth demonstrations to the group.

The ten day exam will be split into two blocks of five days.  The exam will be a constant assessment rather than culminating in one assessment at the end. During the second week there will be a short written paper, testing your knowledge of the BASI product.

After successfully completing your level 2 exam you will be issued with your level 2 BASI Snowboard Licence and you will be qualified to teach anywhere in the world.


You will be staying in the heart of Cervina , at the Meuble Joli, which is set on the main pedestrian road of the village, with all the bars and shops of Cervinia on its doorstep. The lift station is just a 5 minute walk away. The newly renovated hotel has simple, clean and comfortable accommodation with beautiful views over the mountains.

The hotel will provide a delicious Italian breakfast and a two-course dinner is arranged at a local restaurant over the road every day. The hotel has a communal area with sofas and wide screen TV and each room comes with a en-suite bathroom, TV, wifi and balcony. The price advertised is for a shared twin room, although a single occupancy room can be arranged on request, at an extra cost.

Here is your breakfast room and relaxation area in the hotel.


You will be staying in the centre of Le Chable with the lift station to Verbier a 5 minute walk away. The lift only takes 8 minutes to get you up to Verbier. The newly renovated apartment has a fully modern working kitchen and the rooms will be shared but options for single rooms are available for an additional cost.

The apartment has a great chill out area with cable TV and wifi throughout.



2nd July 2018 – 31st August 2018
Price – £6990


26th February 2018 – April 27th 2018
Price – £7999

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